Fastest characters in One Piece

Here are top 10 fastest characters in one piece from 10 to 1,.

Top 10 fastest characters in One Piece
Top 10 fastest characters in One Piece

10) Trafalgar D. Water Law | Cardiac surgeon

Number 10 is Trafalgar D. Water Law cardiac surgeon, but why Law is fast? Simply because he has the room technique which gives him the ability to move instantly anywhere inside his room, so by changing the place with something he can move instantly.

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for instance, we saw law save Sanji from Doflamingo, law then was on the island beach but just in a second he moved to the top of the ship which was so far from him so he used his devil fruit to create a room which makes him move fast.

But the reason why he is in the last position is because of his speed related to his devil fruit so without it he is nothing. Also his fruit is actually limited.

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Law Vs Smoker

9) Charlotte Katakuri

Charlotte Katakuri or Big Mom deputy is one of the fastest characters, his body movements and transitions are on another level especially in his fight with Luffy, He was avoiding Luffy attacks fast even his offensives are really fast besides predicting Haki which give him the ability to see the future.

In order to avoid attacks of your opponent, you must be fast if you want to stay safe so actually, Katakuri is one of the fastest characters in One Piece, and I know that you like him 😉

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Luffy Vs Katakuri

8) Cavendish (Hakuba)| Luffy’s Crew

Cavendish one of the leaders in the Straw hat crew is actually fast but just when he transforms himself into “Hakuba”, the proof is what he did before they fight Doflamingo.

So when they were fighting in order to win Ace devil fruits, he transformed into Hakuba then he defeats them all fast, however, attacking more than 20 people fast even they couldn’t know who did it, that’s amazing.

So his transformation made him deserve the number 8 in this list of Top 10 fastest characters in One Piece.

7) Admiral Kuzan Aokiji.

Being Admiral of Marine, the government’s most powerful weapons, sure he got some speed and strength. What happened in the Marineford war when he moved fast from his chair beside other Admirals into the air of Marineford in order to stop the “Tsunami” that has been made by earthquakes of whitebeard.

Also in punk hazard when he saved Smoker from Doflamingo when Doflamingo tried to hit Smoker, Aokiji froze him fast.
Aokiji Vs whitebeard

6) Sanji

The blackleg Sanji, the fastest one in the Straw hat crew because his fast movements give us proof, please focus on this, When Sanji saved Chiffon from the Oven attack.

Sanji was beside the cart that holds wedding cakes, lightning-fast moved straight to hit Oven and at the same time Chiffon was so close to hitting the ground, Sanji with his speed hit Oven and at the same time save Chiffon! all those movements at ones.

Truly Sanji’s speed after the 2 years is unimaginable, he deserves this position. What do you think?

5) The Red Hair | Yonko Shanks

The speed of Yonko Shanks is crazy just think about his meeting with Whitebeard on his ship when Shanks was drinking Saki with him, Whitebeard threw the vial on Shanks and look how he avoid it even he was sitting and we know that it’s hard to move when you’re in that position, but easily Shanks rip off the vial fast.

Also going to Marineford war and saving that kid and no one notices him, he must be fast like crazy to do that. Shanks deserves this position.
Shanks saves coby

4) Raily | The king of darkness

Rayleigh is the legend of old-time but not alone, I know. Anyway, even Rayleigh now showed us how fast he is when he was fighting Kizaru which considered the fastest character in One Piece Raily keep up fighting with him, and doing the same as Kizaru is not easy because actually, we saw that Raily is getting tried every second because of the power he uses to do the same as Kizaru.

But this is not proof that Raily is fast just because he did the same as Kizaru or we will call anyone who does that the fastest character in One piece.

The real proof is when he came to save Zoro, he appeared like he is flying in the air, sure he is one of the Fastest characters in One piece.

Raily saves Zoro

3) Bartholomew Kuma | Shichibukai

Kuma is one of the characters that impressed us with its crazy speed, his moves were totally instant, when he was talking with Nami he was moving fast you find him in different places, his speed is really crazy I like him.

Also when he entered the fight of Kizaru and Raily, this fight was very fast but Kuma joined this fight and suddenly appeared between Kizaru and Raily. Sure Kuma has crazy speed made him be in this position in our list of top 10 fastest characters in One Piece.

Kuma vs Zoro

2) Enel

It appears clearly that Enel is a fast character as a result of eating lightning fruit “Goro Goro No Mi” which makes him transform into an element of nature. As all know lightning is the fastest thing after the light.

His movements proofs that he’s moving fast we don’t need to show anything because his devil fruit is talking.

1) Admiral Kizaru

Kizaru is the fastest character in One Piece because his devil fruit is the light fruit. Scientifically the light is the fastest thing ever discovered, focus on this, Kizaru is the only character who can stop time because scientifically when you move at light speed the time stops.

If One Piece has a character that is related to the time it will be Kizaru, so Kizaru is the fastest character in One Piece.

Kizaru Speed


This was the top 10 fastest character in One piece but this ranking might be different than your own ranking, so write your ranking in a comment if you want. Thank you, see you.

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