Most hated pokemon characters of all time
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We will talk about the most hated Pokemon characters of all time. Pokemon, short for Pocket Monsters in Japanese, now known in English as Pokemon the Series, is a Japanese anime television show that first aired on TV Tokyo on April 1, 1997. It is part of the Pokemon media empire of the Pokemon Corporation.

Because of its extraordinary plot and characters, this anime of Goat is considered the greatest of all time. Over the years, everyone has been addicted to it. Although fans like Pokemon, there are some characters from the show who wish they weren’t created in the first place. Sure, they add to the tale, but in reality, they are a huge flaw in the show.

Most hated pokemon characters of all time

The Pokémon franchise has lasted long enough to produce nearly 20 seasons of anime across eight generations. Although Ash has always been at the heart of the Pokémon world, hundreds of other characters have been introduced over the years.

Fans have mixed feelings about some of these characters. Some characters are given undesirable characteristics on purpose to incite hatred and improve their reputation as a villain or serious opponents with bad attitudes.

However, there are people who are supposed to be “nice guys” but have questionable personality traits that have been rubbing people the wrong way. These Pokemon characters were either adversaries designed to be despised, or allies with unpleasant character quirks.

The most hated Pokemon characters of all time are listed below.

10. MagicCarb Seller

On the surface, this guy seems to be comfortable with comedy, but it’s a problem. From Magikarp disguised as Febas to Hoppip disguised as Chimecho, he’s always trying to sell imitations. While James is considered his best “client”, he also tries to sell his fake phones to children. He has a bad habit that won’t go away, and let’s admit it, it’s hard to look at the drug on his face, which is made worse by the fact that his “family” seems to have the same problem. He’s a disguised thief, to say the least.

9. Paul

People who’ve seen Paul agree that he’s an idiot who doesn’t appreciate Pokemon from the start. He rarely smiles, which fans may see as a reflection of his cold personality and calculated demeanor. At first, all he wanted was the true potential of a Pokémon, and so he gave up on those who didn’t match the bill. Sure, Brandon gave him a good butt kick, and he’s starting to show some respect, but he still makes fun of Ash for his Pokemon enthusiasm. However, he will be remembered for treating the majority of people like trash.

Most Hated Pokemon Characters
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8. Koji

When the trailer for “Good ‘Quil Hunting'” was dubbed, it was never given a name. He would be known for his insatiable desire to catch Cyndaquil. He aimed to capture Cyndaquil throughout the show, and he didn’t want any of the heroes to have it. Ash has captured the target, he still wants a pokemon! Although he realizes it, there is still another Cyndaquil in the cave. What makes the person that Ash took him so important? He still wants it after Ash defeats him with his newly acquired car Cyndaquil against his own Sandslash.

Most Hated Pokemon Characters
Pokemon – CR: Crunchy Roll

7. iris

Iris, unlike Misty, May, and Dawn, has no real reason to be with Ash. After destroying Misty’s bike, I traveled with Ash, and so did My and Vaughn’s bikes. At the request of their parents, May and Vaughn joined the Ashes. Why did Eris feel compelled to accompany Ash? There was no broken bike, and no parents giving Ash permission to be with Eris. She also constantly mocks Ash by referring to him as a “little kid”. Even when she makes mistakes, she never blames herself. Iris, who is the real boy? from?

Most Hated Pokemon Characters
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6. Mayor of Trovitopolis

Talk about someone who wants to leave their past behind. This person did not bother looking at who or what was lurking in the sewers of his city. He just wanted to reassure the public that he would take care of it to secure the votes for his re-election. If only they had checked the sewers before closing them. The monster ravaging the city was revealed to be the mayor Bulbasaur, which was twice the size of the lone Bulbasaur. The mayor used to be disappointed that Bulbasaur did not develop when he was young. He was lazy then, and he’s still lazy now. He even tried to reject Bulbasaur, who he wished to be his friend. The mayor is no longer, and he is sitting at home. He didn’t deserve the position in the first place.

We’ve seen five of the most hated Pokemon characters so far, and there are five more left.

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5. Burgundy

This is a girl who will not accept her no matter what her role is. Burgundy is a native of Konysius and is consistently convinced that it is superior to Ceylon. Yes, she’s a demanding trainer, but she’s also a story killer. When Cilan defeated Oshawott, she declared that the pairing was the worst an expert had ever seen, and that wasn’t the case. Her connoisseur rating is C-Class, which indicates that she should act as an assistant to a Class A or S connoisseur, but she thinks she belongs to Class A and thinks she knows more than her dedicated competitor. Slaying it for the French is the icing on the cake.

Most Hated Pokemon Characters
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4. Jesse

She’s not sure when she should ditch the Grotesque. She’s bossy with her male teammates, annoys them, and has probably the worst tunnel-seeing case in the entire series, given that Ash’s Pikachu is their target. Why do fans only refer to her instead of James or Meowth? Although they’re on opposite sides, James is respectful of Ash, and he and Meowth often take over the job despite Jesse’s constant abuse, which is why it made it to the list of the most hated Pokemon characters of all time.

Most Hated Pokemon Characters
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3. The Unstoppable Pokemon Bros.

Kim, Kai, and Kaley are three friends. The Unstoppable Brotherhood is more trendy than Hunter, with more wardrobes than Fantina and Elisa combined. They are not only liars but also cheaters in combat as they unite together against their opponents. What does this mean? To gain an advantage, they will use a variety of shady methods. The good news is that their trainers’ licenses have been revoked, which means they can no longer fight. Cheaters never win.

2. Barry

If the opponent could beat the members of Team Rocket, he must have been doing something right…or wrong in this case. Barry is a complete annoyance, and I’m not just referring to his dubbed voice. Ash criticizes in different ways and accuses him of his accidents. It also demands “fines” and immediate payment.

On top of that… and I’m sure I’d be scolded for saying this… He’s a moron. The big issue comes when Ash asks how many badges he has between the two, and Ash says he has seven. Barry has bragged about having six and is happy with the fact that he’s only one badge behind. This guy may have stayed in the game longer.

Most Hated Pokemon Characters
Pokemon – CR: Crunchy Roll

1. Damien, the most hated character of all!

Although he only appeared in one episode, one is still quite a lot. Damian appears with a large number of Pokemon balls in “Charmander-the Stray Pokemon” when Ash and his companions find Charmander on a rock waiting for his trainer. When people wonder if Damien had a Charmander, he says he left her on the rock, and he couldn’t have abandoned her at a worse time: A thunderstorm was approaching, and Charmander should never have drowned out his fiery tail. Brock demands Damien to bring Charmander back, but Damian ignores him, Ash, and Misty.

Aside from the fact that Damien doesn’t have any feelings for Charmander, he also demonstrates his audacity by claiming that the most boring part of being a Pokemon trainer is teaching Pokemon. He wants a strong Pokemon, not a Pokemon he has to train to be strong, and he’s not afraid to leave his Charmander to die.

This loser is undoubtedly the most despised character in the Pokemon series, worse than Paul, Jesse, and even both groups of brothers. Who deserves to be burned… Oh, is he already burned? Content.

These were the most hated Pokemon characters of all time. Stay in touch with Otakukart for more updates regarding Pokemon.

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