One Punch Man season Release date as expected will be out in the summer of 2022. However, it may be after the summer of this year but I am not sure, for the fans of One Punch man they always push the studio to start the third season on the other hand the studio is doing its work and trying to give us this season.

Should we Expect OPM Season 3 in 2022?

Let me tell you one fact; the reason why we didn’t mention 2021 and 2023 instead we mentioned 2022 was due to various reasons. OPM season 3 isn’t like others, instead, it is the sequel to the legendary anime series that has a huge fan base.

So the solution for this and the key is Patience, Due to the pandemic all over the world, the anime release got delayed on multiple occasions.

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Is one punch man Cancelled?

Some People say that it is canceled but actually, it is not, The anime will be returning soon just the pandemic, and some other things made it late. Also for those who say it will be in 2021 this year that’s not correct just don’t wait for it, you must wait till the summer of the next year.

Is Saitama stronger than Goku?

For so many reasons people are asking if Goku is stronger than Saitama or the opposite because they are both so powerful but it appears clearly that the stronger between those two is Saitama.

Whenever we talk about powerful anime characters, and those two are the strongest because even Madara for example, or other anime heroes can’t be compared.

Saitama From One Punch Man Anime is stronger than we can imagine no one could defeat him and that is a bad thing because for the story to be enjoyable the hero must be defeated at least one time and come again then he wins but if no one can’t defeat him at all this is boring, such as Garu even if he is not the hero but he is strong and I like him, he got defeated many times but at the end, he wins and I’m sure that you liked him right.

Who can kill Saitama?

Then if Saitama can’t be defeated by the characters of One Punch man then who can defeat him? we talked before about this and we said that no one can kill him till the moment but as you know his opponent is Goku so as we know Goku is not easy and don’t give up.

We expect that Goku can kill him in case they face themselves. What do you think? do you agree or not?

Who killed Genos’s family?

As stated in the story, Genos was attacked by someone and killed his family, but who did it?

When Genos was a Kid in his 15-year-old a cyborg attacked his family and killed them also destroyed his home.

Who is No 1 in one punch man?

Do you read the manga? then you may want to know who is NO ONE (No 1). He named Blast (ブラスト, Burasuto) and he is a professional hero of the Hero Association in One Punch Man. As they say, he is the strongest but is he stronger than Saitama we don’t know yet but I think he will have the same power but Saitama will still unbeatable for him.

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