Can Luffy Beat Kaido?

After episode 1 if you didn’t read it, read it here. So can Luffy beat Kaido? let us continue the story and see what’s going to happen. (Please “IF YOU LIKE IT” share it with your friends on social media so I can continue because if I found that lots of people are reading this I will write better content […]

Top 10 strongest Characters in One Piece

Strongest One Piece Characters Today you and I will know Top 10 strongest characters in One Piece after the 2 years, I repeat after the two years, so no one comes and says where are Whitebeard, Roger, and Garb because those are done so we will talk about the top 10 strongest characters in One Piece at the moment, Garb, […]

Dracule Mihawk bounty

Dracule Mihawk one of the greatest pirates in the world, strong, works alone, trusts himself we can’t finish talking about him, so you may wonder about Dracule Mihawk bounty, you will discover that in a moment. Oda didn’t state the Daracule Mihawk bounty the most powerful Shichibukai in the history, but why? because his bounty will turn the bounties upside […]

Aokiji vs Kizaru

Who is strong? Aokiji vs Kizaru, just if we look at what happened in One Piece we find that Aokiji and Akainu were the two who’s fighting about the position of fleet commander. So we notice that Akainu and Aokiji are strong than Kizaru. But … let us know. Who’d win in your opinion? The coldest man in the world […]

Top 10 fastest characters in one piece

Fastest characters in One Piece Here are top 10 fastest characters in one piece from 10 to 1,. 10) Trafalgar D. Water Law | Cardiac surgeon Number 10 is Trafalgar D. Water Law cardiac surgeon, but why Law is fast? Simply because he has the room technique which gives him the ability to move instantly anywhere inside his room, so […]