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Who is Imu Sama?

Who is Imu Sama?

What Whitebeard means by “when someone finds One Piece he will turn the world upside down”? and why Imu-Sama hates the “D” family?

Joy boy
Joy boy

The question of today is who is Imu-Sama? Is Shanks IM Sama? is imu-sama Luffy mother? This logo represents the alliance between of more than 170 countries from the 4 seas and the grand line this the world of One Piece, the countries vowed to plant her swords before an empty throne and no one sat there for more than the 1800 year but the truth is something else.

The throne belongs to a creature called Imu-Sama, who is that Imu who made the greatest power kneel for him, his eyes, movements, and thoughts are smart. The instructions, decisions, and judgment for him so why we don’t know this man or woman? who is Imu-Sama? Let’s figure it out.

who is Imu-Sama?

We see the throne empty but the truth is it’s not empty Imu-Sama is sitting there looking at the picture. What are they doing? they kneel for who? no one is on the throne! is it possible Gorosei kneels to no one no way but later Oda shows us Imu-sama because she is invisible?

Imu is the son of the King of devils let me tell you the story:

The devils were ruling the world but when Joy boy appeared he stopped them and put them in fruits, because of that, Joy boy builds the greatest Kingdom in the world which is called now Raftel kingdom but Clover said that 20 countries allied against what was known now as Raftel then something appeared called the World Government that means the scientists of Ohara knows that when we talk about Ohara scientists that contains Robin.

Devils always wanted to kill Joy boy but they can not take him down because of his abilities, the king of Devils could marry a human girl so he wanted to give born a child that Joy boy can’t control, he married a girl called “Mary Geoise” then the Imu-sama come to this life so the king of devils want this boy as we said before to be uncontrolled by Joy boy in the same time to be the next king.

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So who is Imu Sama? he is the son of the king of Devils (The same as what happened in Naruto if you watched it, Zetsu exploits Madara and Madara exploit Obito who exploit the “Akatsuki organization” which was ruled by Pain). Those guys who watched Naruto will understand more.

The same with Imu-sama who exploits Celestial Dragons who exploit Marine which exploit Vegapunk in order to take back imu sama’s father.

Joy Boy is one of the D family because he can control devils and D if you didn’t know is the first letter in the word (Devil).

“D” Family were controlling devils and as a result, devils are afraid of all D family including Luffy, so as the king of devils left his successor Imu Sama, Joy boy also left his successor which is Luffy. (I think at the end of One Piece Luffy will defeat Imu-same and make devils free because we know Luffy, so he will take them out of their fruits and people and Devils will live in peace).

Start from the minute 1:17s in the vedio below.

The biggest proof of what I am saying now is what Whitebeard said, he told to teach that he is not that one who will defeat Imu sama because he is one of the D also, and he said that they are afraid of that guy (Luffy) what do you think about this: why everyone protects Luffy? why Whitebeard protect Luffy? Why Shanks, Rayleigh and more protect Luffy? all of those know that before especially Whitebeard, Shanks, and Rayleigh.

In his speech also: You are afraid when that man who will come and find One Piece and turns the world upside down, this is the second time we hear this word the first time was with Roger and Rayleigh.

But what turns the world upside down means? When Imu-sama grow up he started planning to rule the world as his father did so what he did?

First, he wanted to take down the existing king, the first thing he did is he freed 20 king which are Celestial Dragons and promised them to give each one eternity and everything they want but they should kill Joy Boy and to stay under his command their entire life, from that time to now they are under his command and they lived till the moment except the grandfather of ViVi who didn’t want to stay with Celestial Dragons.

Before Joy boy died he knew that humans and devils wanted to take him down, so he didn’t want devils to kill humans, however, he wrote everything in the Poneglyph and stamped devils in fruits because he wanted devils to serve humans but he failed to do one thing which is to stamp Imu-Sama, Imu-same wasn’t a devil he was “mixed” between devils and humans.

Joy Boy died and 19 kings with Imu-sama lived and created the world government but the question is where is that devil fruit where the king of devils stamped on?

As Doflamingo who said: “the power won’t last forever ” and I think that power is the fruit that contains the king of Devils which is now between the hands of Imu-Sama.

But why Imu can’t just eat that fruit? because she is a devil and a human in the same time so she won’t let anyone take her father fruit.

The straw hat is for Joy boy the enemy of his father the proof is bounties he was holding: Shirahushi, Luffy and Teach.

Luffy and Teach are from the “D” Family but Shirahushi she is the granddaughter of the first Poseidon that Joy Boy promised to get out of the sea.

The final war in One Piece will be between the devils and Humans not between Luffy and Marine as some of us expect that’s why they said that there will be a huge coup if someone found the One Piece because the One Piece is the thing who gave the ability to Joy boy to control devils.

At the end of the story, Imu-Sama will free his father and devils but Luffy will find One Piece and he will control devils.

The question is why Imu don’t just go and find One Piece in Raftel? the answer is that a huge power protect it so no one can take it except that boy who holds the Joy Boy specifications. (Luffy)

At the end of One Piece, Luffy the king of pirates will do not repeat the mistake of Joy Boy instead, he will free the devils as I said before and that will make Imu Sama emotional so she will cry because Luffy was not like Joy boy, Luffy is better than Joy Boy because he freed devils while he could do whatever he wants using devils.

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11 months ago

Thats really interesting and mind catching theory…..loved it….hope i live long enough to see one piece end and see this theory come true…..♥️♥️

6 months ago

This is cool but then I also wish to live long enough to see one piece end, and also see if all or some points in this theory will come true

6 months ago

All is fine
But can you explain why roger and other laughed in the end ?
can your theory explain it ?

4 months ago

I’m so glad I found this theory, I hope it comes to pass and I’m alive to witness it, in Sha Allah.

3 months ago

So basically at the end Luffy is gonna use the Talk no Jutsu and save everyone.

Monkey D. Luffy
18 days ago

one of the best theory, Dog Damn!

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