Have you ever thought about One Piece Marine Ranks? today we will introduce all One Piece Marines Ranked including the strongest marine:

#10 Coby

one piece marine ranks

We all know that Coby is the weakest character in Marines. He is now is a current “Rear Admiral” and a member of the secret Marine called “SWORD”.

Even if Coby is weak now but he will become one of the strongest characters in Marines because his trainer is Garp and we all know that Garp is the hero of Marines and worked with Roge.

You can read about Garp here.

Garp trained many characters such as Luffy and Monkey D Dragon as well as Aokiji the former Admiral.

Coby is weak because of many things, we saw him in the Marineford but he did nothing as well as we didn’t see Coby fight someone and he always looks scared.

#9 Momonga

I ranked this character (Vice Admiral Momonga ) in this position because he is strong as we saw many times as well as he has some experience which gave him the ability to be one of the strongest Marines, his personality is great and it looks more leading because in most of the positions he showed his experience and skills, and what makes me like him more is when Boa Hancock wanted to transform him into a rock, he stabbed himself in order to focus on his pain and so he can’t be affected by the ability of Boa Hancock.

He showed us his experience and that he is a smart guy if there were someone else at the same power level, he could do nothing.

He is also an amazing swordsman we saw that many times one of them was when he hit Luffy in the Marineford and he was so close to killing him.

#8 Smoker

Smoker is one of the strongest characters in One Piece not like what some guys think, he is strong because he proved that when he finished lots of missions.

He does his job sincerely and you can’t deceive him, he can face anyone who comes in his front and the reason for his power is his devil fruit it’s like Sabo’s new devil fruit when he fights Sabo the battle can’t end.

But there are other characters who are stronger than him that’s why he is here in this rank if he developed his power he can become stronger so we can rank him in a better position.

#7 Tsuru

I am sure that this old woman is dangerous, and sure she is strong actually she is the strongest woman in Marines at the moment her devil fruit (Wash-Wash fruit) and skills are good, her devil fruit turns people into washed clothes actually Doflamingo himself was scared of her when she sent him to the prison of Empel down just because of her ability which is turning people into washed clothes.

Don’t forget that Tsuru is from the Garp and Sengoku generation and sure she was fighting with those two legends.

#6 Admiral Green Bull “Ryokugyu”

The new admiral Green Bull “Ryokugyu”actually we didn’t see his power yet but you can read about it here. The reason why he is here is because of his position as an admiral even Doflamingo talked about him and said that he is so strong.

Another thing we know about him is that he didn’t eat for 3 years because of his devil fruit (Logia Type). We can say he is a crocodile if you read about him on my site you can find out why.

#5 Admiral Fujitora

Admiral Fujitora is also new but strong, we saw him in the Dressrosa arc, against Doflamingo as well as Trafalgar Law and the straw hats and he was so strong but the bad thing is that he couldn’t even destroy the cage of Doflamingo but he still strong and I like him as well as Luffy who liked Fujitora because of many things.

The reason for his strength is not Haki such as Roger, Shanks, and Monkey D Garp, the actual reason is his devil fruit which is called Zushi-Zushi No Mi fruit, it gives him the ability to become “a gravity human” and that is so dangerous you can watch the Dressrosa arc if you want to see his power.

#4 Admiral Kizaru

One of my favorite characters Kizaru, Kizaru is a strong character actually he is the right hand of the new fleet commander Akainu and the reason for his strength is his devil fruit which is light if you want to see his power just watch when he played football using supernova (The worst generation which includes strongest characters) also he was fighting Rayleigh the right hand of the king of pirates Gol D Roger.

We also saw his strength in the war of Marineford, he is lazy and he doesn’t take things seriously even when he is fighting always he is just playing and I like that.

His devil fruit called Glint-Glint fruit gives him the ability to turn himself into the light and he is considered the fastest character in one piece.

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#3 Former Fleet commander Sengoku

Sengoku besides Monkey D Garp the hero both they are strong but Garp is stronger than Sengoku also I think that Akainu is stronger than Sengoku at the moment in 2020 because Sengoku is old now the same as Whitebeard when Akainu was so close to killing him actually he is the reason number 1 behind his death so Akainu will do the same with Sengoku but Garp is something else.

Sengoku is strong, his devil fruit is legendary we saw him once in the Marineford war also he is the friend of Garp and they were fighting Gol D Roger’s crew for years so we don’t have to talk about his strength actually right.

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#2 Fleet commander Sakazuki Akainu

Akainu now is the Marines fleet commander he was in a legendary battle with Aokiji for 10 days and he won but he just didn’t want to kill Aokiji because that will affect his reputation and position as fleet commander of Marines.

This guy is so strong his Devil fruit is the strongest attack devil fruit in One Piece, with that fruit he was so close to killing Whitebeard and even Whitebeard hit him using all of his power but Akainu didn’t die.

Also, another thing when the Yonko Blackbeard wanted to exchange a girl with a ship and he heard that Akainu is coming to him he escaped with his crew that shows you how strong he is.

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#1 Monkey D Garp the Hero of Marines

Garp is the strongest Marine in One Piece, but we can say now that Akainu is the strongest Marine because Garp is old now.

So what do you think?

Monkey d Garp the legend and the Hero of marines, we all know him and we all love him, right? Because he is the Hero he is the strongest one why? well if you read about him on my website you will know why he defeated Rocks pirates (Whitebeard, Big Mom, Kaido, Rocks) the best crew but he didn’t do that alone, of course, Roger helped him of course also he was fighting Roger until they become friends.

The big proof is when they talked before Roger was executed and he told Garp that he must take his son (Portgas D Ace).

Also, he was fighting Shiki and Whitebeard of course with Sengoku all of his fights were with the strongest and most legendary characters that show you how strong he is. He also has a powerful family and friends such as Monkey D Dragon, Luffy, Senguko, Roger, and more.

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