What is the anime of Akira - Akira
What is the anime Akira from? All you need to know

Don’t just think about it, but act on it. What is the anime Akira from? Well, let’s talk about the infamous character Akira. Some characters act as a driving force for the lives of the other main characters. Akira was one of those characters, and the story revolves around the mystery and horror aspect of this character. In the past, Akira was known in the anime as a young orphan who was recruited for a secret government project. It was referenced as Topic #28 by government officials.

The research project deeply affected Akira as he gained powers beyond human compassion. This resulted in the tragedy that occurred on July 16, 1988 and resulted in the destruction of the city of Tokyo. After the devastating event occurred, the scientists brought back Akira. And dissect her to discover the reason for her psychic power. Unable to discover the cause, they sealed Akira’s remains in an underground refrigerated facility. Here are all the details about the anime character Akira.

What is the anime Akira from?

Akira character from the award-winning film Akira for Best Anime. The 1988 film was released on July 16 and was directed by original creator Katsuhiro Otomo. The story follows the events of the aftermath of the 1988 explosion in Tokyo. Now it is 2019 and the city of Tokyo has been restored and is called New Tokyo. The city is famous for gang violence. and terrorist acts against the current government as most government officials are involved in corruption.

What is the anime of Akira from Kaneda
Kaneda riding his bike

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Its centerpiece is Shotaro Kaneda, who leads a motorcycle gang known as the “Capsules”. They are known as a group of misfit teenagers who ride custom motorcycles and fight with their rival gang, the “Clowns”. One day during one of the quarrels with the clown gang, Kaneda’s friend Tetsuo met with an accident. She encounters a boy named Takashi, who was a patient on the run from the same government research facility as Akira. At the scene of the accident arrives the elements of the capsules and with them arrives the military force.

What is Akira anime from - Tetsuo
Tetsuo’s Government Research Facility

Both were captured by Colonel Shikshima and taken to the research facility. On the other hand, Kaneda and his gang are arrested by the police. At the police station, Kaneda meets Kei and falls in love with her. When the police left Kaneda and his gang, he took Ki with him. Once they’re out, Kei disappears, without even telling Kaneda her name. He later meets her and then learns about the secret government organization that keeps his friend Tetsuo. Kaneda supports Kei in her plan to save the people from the government organization. How good is their bailout? Watch the movie Akira to find out.

Is Akira a movie based on the manga?

Akira’s movie creator is also the creator of the manga on which the movie is based. The manga was also titled “Akira” and won the 8th Kodansha Manga Award in the general category. There were some controversies regarding the film’s release because the manga had not finished serializing at the time. With the help of screenwriter Nelson Machado, director Otomo finished his story for the film. Based on the manga, the movie lacks final conviction. But overall, the movie was still very good in terms of animation and set in a dystopian world.

What is Akira Anime - Anime and Manga
Akira Anime / Akira Manga

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Where do you watch the anime Akira?

Akira is available to stream on both Funimation and Netflix platforms for the American audience. Unfortunately for fans in India, this movie is not available to stream on any streaming platform. But don’t worry, Netflix is ​​in talks with the creator to bring the movie to India for fans. We will update you with the same when that happens.

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