Luffy and Nami are very close friends because of many things that happened in the past as well as her being the first girl he met and the second friend after Zoro. They have a hard friendship which is sometimes violent as you have seen in the anime nevertheless their relationship is very strong and they love each other as a brother and sister.

What is the relationship between Luffy and Nami?

What is the relationship between Luffy and Nami?
Nami and Luffy

the relationship between Luffy and Nami is just a friendship not as most people think, they just act like friends and love each other as normal friends, reverse Boa Hancock who loves him so much and shows him that love he also did sometimes.

In the beginning, Nami wanted Luffy to be her way to getting more money in order to free her village from Arlong’s dictatorship but by the time she realized that he is a different person and that she can trust him. She liked him, his personality, and his unique thinking, later she changed her mind and showed unwavering loyalty to Luffy her captain, and that she is a trusted person more than anyone else on the crew.

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Reasons Why Nami and Luffy should Stay friends?

#1 Nami Has The Brains To Help Cover For Luffy’s Faults

Nami is perfect for Luffy to stay in his crew, while Boa Hancock is perfect for him to be his wife because of many things, and two of them are that both are Pirate Captains and strong. Nami is smart and useful with the crew besides her being serious with everyone which makes it perfect for this job to cover Luffy who keeps having fun here and there.

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#2 Nami and Luffy Feel Like A Fated Partnership

Reasons Why Nami and Luffy should Stay friends?
Reasons Why Nami and Luffy should Stay friends?

One Piece made Luffy and Nami’s way very clear, two friends who gathered in a crew to reach a goal moving between troubles and testing all the kinds of emotions that you can think about from having fun to people dying in front of their eyes.

One Piece anime gave them more time than anyone else in the crew in most of the arcs, all the time they act and go through the events together.

#3 A Smaller Difference In Their Age

The problem with Luffy is his age, he is younger than many girls such as Nami who is 20 years old while he is only 19. Also, Boa Hancock that is 31 years old in the story, which is a big difference in age but we say that the best and the closest to Luffy is Nami, and this is the only problem with Boa Hancock.

It’s not something very important to many people but also Luffy doesn’t care at all he just knows one thing which is becoming the king of pirates.

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#5 Nami Has A Far Deeper History With Luffy (They know each other for a long period)

The most known thing is that Luffy and Nami spent time together more than they did with someone else, Luffy didn’t spend time with any other girl as he did with her, Boa can’t control that even though Luffy spent some time in it’s Island but it wasn’t that much besides he was alone training most of the time.

Luffy and Nami have a deep relationship which is not good for Boa Hancock because she doesn’t spend time with him as Nami does but the best thing is that they are just friends not more than that.

#6 Nami Isn’t Afraid Of Telling Luffy When He’s Acting Stupidly

Nami is not that girl who can forgive you if you did something because she loves you or something, reverse Boa Hancock that can forget any bad thing Luffy did, However, I don’t know what’s better, but what’s clear is that they are completely different so opinions are varied each person and what he loves.

This is a big reason in my opinion for them to stay friends because she will kill him if he did something stupid while if someone loves you like Boa will forgive you and laugh at it or something like that.

#7 Nami Trust In Him & That Luffy Will Keep Her Safe

Nami after all of the years she spent with Luffy knows and trusts in Luffy that he will protect her all the time he does. On the other hand, Luffy trust in her and that she will stay with him till the besides helps him to reach his goals.

Nami also needs Luffy all the time, reverse Boa is not very strong so she must be protected by him. This is a perfect example of friendship in One Piece.

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