There are many choices for Luffy, but there are 2 best choices which are Nami and Boa Hancock. Nami is with him all the time but Hancock is not and Nami doesn’t love him as Hancock does, there are more reasons why Luffy should end up with boa Hancock?

#1 They Are Colleagues As Pirate Captains

Who's Luffy's Wife

Boa Hancock is the best choice for Luffy due to many things such as being both pirate captains, which make them share almost the same problems and the same energy of a leader while Nami is just a girl in his crew.

From another, Nami can create her own pirates’ crew but she is a crazy and angry person “sometimes” so it may not be good for him because they will just keep fighting.

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#2 Those Actual Feelings For Luffy

Who's Luffy's Wife
Luffy and Boa Hancock

Between Luffy and Nami there are some feelings but if you focus you’ll find that they are just friendship emotions more than romance, also Luffy never showed any small thing that he loves Nami, she also didn’t do that Neither in the manga nor the anime.

The Reverse with Boa Hancock always shows a ton of love and emotions to him but unfortunately, Luffy didn’t do that a lot. Anyways Hancock is the future wife of Luffy, she is beautiful, strong, and has everything a man wants (You know what I mean).

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#3 Boa Hancock Has The Power To Stand Side By Side With Luffy

Who's Luffy's Wife

Reverse Nami, Boa Hancock has more power to stand beside Luffy and help him more than Nami can do if we make an exception which is her rule in the crew and leading the ship Hancock can give a lot of value and protection to him.

Boa Hancock is the leader and the Island’s ruler of many strong women and girls, and I will say Boa is stronger than Nami (don’t forget that she is a former Shichibukai). So Luffy and Boa together will be the strongest couple ever in One Piece.

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#4 Boa Hancock Can Be An Empress To His Emperor

Who's Luffy's Wife

This may not mean anything to Luffy because his goal is a different thing nevertheless he needs a girl that will help him grow and go up to reach his goal and continue and as long as he is looking to become Pirate King along with the current discussion of becoming an Emperor she is the best choice for him.

Look who will reject a nice, beautiful, and lovely girl like Hancock? Hahaha, actually the stupid Luffy will 🙂

#5 Both Have A Shared Distaste For Nobles

Luffy and Boa Hancock
Monkey D Luffy

Do you know the first and the biggest reason why Boa Hancock falls in love with Luffy? it is when he assaulted Saint Charloss, there is where the love story started. Then Boa found her soul mate, that person that she can really trust.

On the other hand, Luffy managed to hate all the nobles as well as spoiled people from his childhood so he can be a good husband for Boa Hancock, they can do great things together.

#6 Boa Hancock Doesn’t actually Care About His Heritage Or His Past

Luffy and Boa Hancock
Monkey D Dragon

Even when Boa knew that the man she is in love with is the son of the biggest and worst criminal Monkey D Dragon as well as all of his past including his Grandfather Garp.

Luffy too doesn’t care about this, and neither does his grandfather’s habits nor his father didn’t affect him, actually, 3 of them have different jobs and goals, so she accepted his past and just loved him.

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