Jujutsu kaisen surprised us and started going up day after day, this amazing Anime becomes popular within just a few months and got too many fans like me and you.

Yuji the amazing boy appeared and made the anime perfect, we all loved Itadori Yuji because he made the anime as it is now as well as Sukuna the strongest curse.

There are too many characters, yes we haven’t seen all the characters yet but we’ve seen some and they were strong and good enough to impress us, so most of the people want to know which characters are Strong? Sukuna, Gojo Satroru or Yoshinobu Gakuganji?

Let us Discover the strongest jujutsu kaisen characters.

Strongest jujutsu kaisen characters.

1/ 10 Satoru Gojo

Strongest jujutsu kaisen characters

They Said that Jujutsu kaisen’s strongest Character as he is descended from one of the Three Great Families in the world. Satoru has inherited two incredibly powerful Techniques from his line which are Limitless and Six Eyes.

His abilities have yet to be explored but we’ve seen exceptional skills against Special Grade Curses such as the

2/ 10 Sukuna

Strongest jujutsu kaisen characters

Sukuna is actually the strongest but that was years ago, now Sukuna is not as before actually he is the king of Curses. But why he is not strong? The reason is that there is someone who controls besides his body Parties are in different places so his strength is not complete.

Sukuna is controlled by Yuji and known for his mastery of all things poison that knows the way of using poison to his advantage.

3/ 10 Mahito

Strongest jujutsu kaisen characters

Mahito is a cursed spirit who is “bad” because he is playing with human emotion. He is one of the show’s primary antagonists as he is born out of the hatred humans between each other and he uses this to kill or erase humanity in order to replace all the people with cursed spirits like him.

The abilities of Mahito are too many, one of them is that he can heal himself the thing that makes killing him too hard, the other one is that he controls and use souls where he can make disfigured humans from them.

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4/ 10 Kento Nanami

Kento Nanami got a strong personality and even he doesn’t appear as one of the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer but he is really good because we didn’t see his full power till the moment. He is one of the teachers in Jujutsu school and Yuji is his student beside Satoru Gojo.

He knows how to manipulate cursed energy which gives him the ability to use different techniques such as Kento’s Innate Technique and Ratio Technique, as well as utilizing a seven-to-three grid that creates a weak point for him in order to explore, when he uses this technique it becomes more effective than others while it allows him to slice through opponents with his blunt blade.

5/ 10 Aoi Todo

Strongest jujutsu kaisen characters

Aoi Todo is the funniest character and the strongest also, he looks strong at least, his body is big and full of muscles but that’s not the secret of his power because he is also a sorcerer and a new friend of Yuji the hero of the story.

The reason for his insane strength is his body supported by cursed energy, he is using that cursed energy in the first place to fortify his physical attacks, and even if the anime didn’t feature him, he is already defeated five Grade 1 as well as Special Grade cursed spirits while the Kyoto Nite Line attack.

6/ 10 Toge Inumaki

Strongest jujutsu kaisen characters

What a nice character, Toge Inumaki is a special character with his ability to make other characters fall for his own will, he can make anyone forced to get punished when saying some words, and these words can hurt him also sometimes so he must choose them carefully and they also can command anything so because of this Toge must wear and extended collar to cover his sayings and mouth.

That makes him powerful and respected by his friends while he is a second-year talented student at Jujutsu High.

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7/ 10 Yuji Itadori

Strongest jujutsu kaisen characters

The principal character and the “hero” of Jujutsu kaisen anime are Itadori Yuji, the guy who got an incredible physical ability and proficiency as well as cursed energy manipulation, the person who managed to defeat Grade 1 Sorcerers introduced so far and become stronger than his competitors such as Megumi and the other students in Jujutsu school.

In the beginning, Sukuna made him a hero, by eating Sukuna’s finger which is weird or not clear why he didn’t die but he shows some amazing skills when it comes to controlling Sukuna, so he is a powerful man but without Sukuna he is weak, but now, with his new friend Aoi Todo, he becomes stronger than before.

8/ 10 Megumi Fushiguro

Strongest jujutsu kaisen characters

Megumi Fushiguro one of Yuji’s friends and one of his competitors. He is also really powerful but he didn’t find his true power yet. Sukuna himself talked to him about his power and he said that he is interested in him.

The family of Megumi which called the Zenin Family is considered as something big but we don’t know yet about his family considered a Grade 2 Sorcerer who has attracted the attention of the king of Curses as we said before, so we are expecting something from him.

9/ 10 Masamichi Yaga/Panda

Strongest jujutsu kaisen characters

He is a Panda but not a Panda! however, Panda is a Cursed Corpse that was raised and created by Jujutsu High Principal “Masamichi Yaga”.

Panda’s strength is really good in which he can transform himself into another character as well as he is smart and has enhanced endurance and the most important thing is his personality coupled with humor.

10/ 10 Kokichi Muta/Ultimate Mechamaru

Kokichi Muta is a doll controlled by the body of someone as we have seen in the last episodes of Jujutsu Kaisen, and Kokichi has an incredible amount of cursed energy and has the ability to control it from vast distances.

His ability is simply manipulating dolls using the cursed energy from long distances, I think that because he is injured and disfigured as well as missing legs and his own right forearm.

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