Dragon ball characters strongest to weakest

Dragon ball characters strongest to weakest, first we will start with the weakest dragon ball characters then we will move to the strongest one are you ready? let’s start. But first the video below shows you strongest dragon ball characters of all time so enjoy.

Anime story in brief: ❤️

The series’s events happen just after the Dragon Ball Z events. Several months after the defeat of Magen Poe, peace has once again returned to the Earth Cup. Goku has settled and works in agriculture to support his family financially. 

His family and friends lead their lives in safety and peace. However, the new threat appears in the hands of the goddess of destruction “Beerus”, who is considered the most terrifying fighter in the entire Universe 7.

Classification: Action, Adventures, Comedy, Super Power, Fantasy, Shounen, Martial Arts
Release date: July 5, 2015
Episode duration: 23 min
Quoted from: Manga
Rating: 7.45
Global rank: # 1766

Yajirobe Power level: 2,100

Is Yajirobe stronger than Roshi?
Yajirobe’s power level is 2,100, Master Roshi’s is 139. that means Yajirobe is stronger than Roshi and Hercule combined.

How did Yajirobe get so strong?
the answer is the cell became stronger by “eating” humans. he is becoming stronger by eating humans.

Is Yajirobe AZ Fighter?
He is a human samurai who never really wants to help Goku and the rest of the Z Fighters except there is food involved. although, he does help the Z Warriors once by delivering Senzu Beans from “Korin”.

6) Weakest – Chiaotzu

Chiaotzu Power level: 610

How strong is Chiaotzu?
If we use the Daizenshuu’s estimate for Chiaotzu, as we all know he was at 610 when he died. So multiplying that power level by the rate of progress and it would give him a strong reading of precisely 19,996 after being revived by the Dragon Balls, that’s one year before Frieza’s arrival on Earth.

We admit that Chiaotzu is certainly one of the weakest fighters in Dragon Ball, he got some points for standing up tp Vegeta and Nappa when they arrived on Earth for the first time. Chiaotzu did a big sacrifice for his friends when he detonated himself for the rest of the Z Fighters in order to kill Nappa, although his attack doesn’t leave the Saiyan with a single scratch. He is a good person but unfortunately, his fights and skills are not good

5) Weakest – Videl

Videl power level:
Videl, at the beginning of Dragon Ball, was better than Kid Goku at flying, but Videl and Hercule’s power level could be easily around 8 or so. That means Goku could defeat Videl and Hercule.

First of all, Videl is stronger than Hercule. So Hercule enjoyed being one of the most strong non-ki-wielding humans on the planet but actually both were restricted to human physicals. Chichi killed a “t-rex” when she was almost 8 years old. although video can fly so both are strong.

4) Weakest – Emperor Pilaf

Emperor Pilaf Power level: 40

Is Emperor Pilaf a namekian?
Another character in our list of “dragon ball characters strongest to weakest” that seems like a demon, Emperor Pilaf is never stated as a namekian so the answer is NO, even if he is sharing the odd skin tone and pointed ears of someone. Similarly, Garlic Jr. is actually Namekian-looking.

The small cute character, what! cute, No at all 🤣Although he’s one of the oldest reoccurring villains in the franchise, Pilaf is like let’s say as threatening to Goku as a fly is to a big elephant 🤣

3) Weakest – Chi Chi

What is Chi Chi’s power level?
She must have been powerful. Goku’s power level was nearly over 9000 before he became an actual super saiyan, so then logically, her power at least must be over 9000.

Is Videl stronger than chichi?
They both are.

Chi-chi is one of the secondary and many characters in the Dragon Ball Z anime and is a friend of Goku from childhood or childhood, but you face a fight and she is also the daughter of Oaks King, as well as Princess of Mount of Fire.

 And after not long ago Chi-chi married Goku because she was She loves him and after some time of their marriage they have the first child, Gohan, and then Gottin, who has learned martial arts faster than Gohan

Her personality:
Chi-chi already has a strong character because she has superpowers in the beating, which is why we saw her strike Goku when he does something wrong and she is also nervous because she gets angry quickly from Goku when he tries to joke with her or makes his son Gohan a Saiyan fighter.

And this is of course what he does not like that is why he got angry at him very quickly and could not tolerate her, but she was shy since childhood, but everything changed when she married the idiot Goku.

2) Weakest – Oolong

Here we are, Hello Pig! Oolong is a talking pig that wears human clothing. as you can see in the video you will find more information about it or you can find it here easily.

1) Weakest – Hercule

In dragon ball characters strongest to weakest’s list we find Hercule, also known as Satan. is constantly embarrassing himself when he tries to fight the big bad characters that clearly outrank him.

The villain Cell is one of the embarrassing confrontation, he easily dispatches Earth’s champion with a slap across the face that sends “Hercule” flying across the battlefield.

Hercule actually is not the only one of the weakest fighters in all of Dragon Ball Z, but thanks to his ego and cocky attitude.

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Dragon ball super characters strongest ones

8) Strongest – Goku

Goku power levels:
Goku: 3,000,000
Goku (Super Saiyan): 150,000,000

Son Goku ❤️ is the hero of the Dragon Ball story, his goal is to become stronger no matter the cost, he finds it enjoyable and also to protect his friends from any evil forces and his opponent Vegeta San, who also wants to rise in strength and this is what made the doors open in the Dragon Ball and the emergence of new characters Strong Kabirus, etc. 

The goal of Goku and Vegeta is now to overtake them at any cost. I can see you confused, Why Goku in the bottom of the list? isn’t Goku strong? Goku is really strong but actually there is one character which is the most powerful than others, you will know this character in the end because it is number one. 

However, although Goku power classified as a lower-level Saiyan at birth but later you can see that he improved his power after training with king kai, so since that he is the first one to reach the status of Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan 3 and Super Saiyan Blue.

7) Stongest – Jiren

You may underestimate that guy which looks like an alien with 2 eyes and full of muscles, yes you might see him ugly but he is one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball Super.

Although we have not seen him doing too much besides meditating for the time being we have
heard the squeak of his massive power.

The eleventh hero of the universe, “Jerin“. He is the strongest and greatest individual in the eleventh universe. He is even stronger than the ruler of his being a force. The scanning of the universes: milky_way: It is a terrible and destructive force that no one can stop, with just one stroke: punch: from it your command is over.

Jiren the Gray has yet to show off his true power actually, but when that day finally happens, he might just be considered as one of the toughest opponents till the moment.

He is one of the characters of Dragon Ball. A wonderful and luxurious personality.

One of the luxurious personalities in the sixth universe, and even though he is a brother of Beerus, but the thing that is shared between them is that they are gods of destruction and devotees to eat and that I like you and I do not like you and I do not like you.

His personality a little bit selfish and is honest with himself and with others .. hide his feelings of shame, loves eating too much even though he is not an expert in it a lot because he has not tasted the food of human beings, he does not like to surrender .. and too much hasty, but he is on the right

One of the luxurious personalities in the sixth universe, and even though he is a brother of Beerus, but the thing that is shared between them is that they are gods of destruction and devotees to eat and that I like you and I do not like you and I do not like you

5) Strongest – Beerus

Number 5 in the list of “Dragon ball characters strongest to weakest”

Now we get into “Gods” so as we all know that Beerus is the only God of Destruction “Universe 7” whose power we have seen in full the only one. So then how much powerful Beerus is? what makes him really stronger than Jiren? and what a Destroyer like him does?

So the job of the god of destruction is to destroy 🙂 but what exactly? Beerus uses his power of destroying in order to take out threats to mortal life and peace in the universe, he is not an evil villain actually, instead, he is one side of the death and life god coin.

and he challenged Goku when he discovered that he had bested Frieza in combat, he challenged him to a one-on-one brawl Super Saiyan 3 Goku with the flick of one of his fingers besides he only used 70% of his full power to best Goku.

4) Strongest – Whis

Whis an angel or assistant to the ruler of destruction and is stronger than the ruler of destruction. What does Wes do? Weiss’s job was to prevent the ruler of destruction from making mistakes and recklessness. Who is the Wes family? Sister: Vados

How strong is Whis?
Not known yet, but the thing we know is that his incredible strength is millions of times stronger than the ruler of destruction.
How old is Wes? Over 75 billion years ago, but there is a person stronger than Wes, there are many such as Dai Shinkan and Zen-Oh and Zen-Oh helpers and the Golden Dragon Dragon and the possibility that there are angels without universes stronger than him

And Whis has a brother other than Vados and they are all the angels ok Is it possible for Vegeto to outperform Wes? Sure, no experience over 750 billion years is not comparable to the experience of tens of years only, and Vegeto did not exceed Beerusand Whis even understand Perus even. The answer is clear. Also, we do not know anything about Whis, but I will try. Whis , son of the Dai Shinkan, was trained by his sister, Vados.

 Then Beerus came to him and said to him, Dad, he insisted that Wes was not his father. To you, Beerus said, Yes, and trained Wes Beerus until he became the ruler of destruction

3) Strongest – Vados

Number 3 in the list of “Dragon ball characters strongest to weakest”

Vados is an angel always accompanying the ruler of the destruction of the sixth universe, Champa. She is the daughter of the high priest Daischenkan, and the older sister of Angel Wes from the seventh universe. Always wear white high heels.

Vados is a good-hearted person, beautiful in shape, who sometimes jokes with Champa about the topic of his obesity and laziness, and she always advises him to care about his health and fitness, as if it is more like a nutritionist.

Vados loves to eat different foods, and is characterized by wisdom and strength, and she took charge of choosing the Sixth Universe team in the Sixth and Seventh Universe Championships, and with Champa in the Universe Championship.

Vados Technologies:

  • The ability to fly using ironing.
  • Speed, transmission across the universes, and time control.

The neck blow that you used to stop Champa during his battle against Pyrrhus.

  • Energy shield technology to protect from explosions, which has the ability to keep the shield for five full days.
  • The ability to deal with the damage very quickly.
  • Easily destroy planets.
  • Knowing any event that happens inside it by the scepter

2) Strongest – Grand Priest

Number 2 in the list of “Dragon ball characters strongest to weakest”


Besides son Goku, Zeno and Zeus, Grand Priest is stated to have the power to defeat Erion [even at his maximum power ‘Abyssal God’]. 

His actual power level as the Grand Priest is about this big number 😨🥴😵 188,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. ❤️

Who is stronger than grand priest?

It was stated that Grand Priest was one of the five strongest warriors in the multiverse, excluding Zeno, since he’s not a fighter. However, it is actually stated in the manga of Dragon Ball that the Grand Priest is in reality the strongest! but we will see the strongest in the number 1.

Can Goku beat Grand Priest?

Actually not because the Grand Priest likely has a bunch of insane hax abilities that huge brute force and strength cannot defeat. Goku could likely train for thousands of years without having the ability to defeat him.

1) Strongest – Zen-Oh

Number 1 in the list of “Dragon ball characters strongest to weakest”

What is Zeno power level?

This is how powerful he is. Zeno can actually blink at a planet and if he means to destroy it just by doing this, he could destroy a whole universe into complete nothingness. If he put effort into destroying one being that means he will destroy the hole universe.

Can Zeno be killed?

No. In fact, Zeno is able to destroy entire universes. it would be sensible to suppose that if a universe contained Super Dragon Balls at the time in which it was destroyed; those balls would be also destroyed, so Zeno can destroy the dragon balls but they cannot destroy him.

Can the grand priest kill Zeno?

Well, because Zeno isn’t that fast enough to see Dyspo move in the anime or watch Gods of Destruction fight in the manga, also because he couldn’t control his full power, that makes it easy to defeat by anyone he is really easy enough for the Grand Priest to just kill Zeno at any random moment. But he is really powerful and yet we didn’t see his fights or skills so we’re not sure about that.

So this is all about dragon ball characters strongest to weakest I hope you like it.

Don’t forget to tell me about your favorite character I am curious.

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