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Anime movies on Netflix

by Youssef
List of best anime series

Anime movies on Netflix

List of best anime series

Have you ever watched anime movies on Netflix? Here in this post today I will give you the list of the best anime movies, Also I will tell you who’s the better one between those.

You know, in the recent years, we have seen the Netflix platform investing significant amounts in the anime industry, whether by producing the original anime that the platform was mandated to finance as Netflix Original chains or by obtaining popular anime licenses to enable its users to view these anime.

But with the long list of anime that the platform provides It is difficult for the follower to know the best Netflix anime, but this list will definitely make it easier for you.


Movies available on netflix

The original Netflix anime includes works that were funded by the platform and made available on the platform first before being published on television or other platforms.

This anime set includes a more daring variety of anime – this is because of the freedom that the platform has provided to anime makers compared to the ones that they usually get when preparing works for viewing on TV, and most of these anime contain elements that are not appropriate for children, so it is a good idea to know the anime details before you start watching it.

Read here about the list of the best anime.


  1. List of the best anime
  2. What is the best anime movie on Netflix?

1. Kakegurui "One of the best anime movies on Netflix"

In this work adapted from the manga of the same name, “Jabami Yumiko” joins a distinguished secondary school for businessmen and community elites.

In this secondary school, the usual social values such as beauty, athletic abilities or study do not determine the rank of the student in the school, but rather the amount of money this has the student, and gambling being the fastest way to get money on the school grounds, turns into a large gambling hall with different betting games for students to lose.

Gabame is not a regular girl at all, she is addicted to bets, and has a sharp intelligence that makes her win even in the worst case scenario.

The anime employs sexually suggestive pictures and some violent games that are not suitable for children, although it is rated as suitable for adolescents +13 years old, but it may not be suitable for this category. Anime has a second season that is currently being shown and follows the story where it ended in the first season.

 Watch the anime on Netflix here

2. The Seven Deadly Sins

In its third season now, Anime presents the Seven Deadly Sins, a unique experience that combines traditional Shonin anime and Netflix’s production capabilities. Judgment. In recent years, anime has become a popular Shounen anime and has a huge following base.

The anime employs violence and some van service scenes, but within the limits of its suitability for family viewing, and the story for adolescents makes it suitable for this as well.

Watch the Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix

3. Violet Evergarden

One of the anime that has gained wide popularity among anime lovers during its premiere, Anime Violet Evergarden presents a post-war story in the life of a young girl who was considered a spiritless weapon, Violet, a girl who has no role in the army, is searching for a new goal for her life.

The anime presents various stories from the lives of people whom Violet meets in her work as a letter writer in an emotional and interesting way.

The dramatic anime character is similar to the dramatic character found in the old anime dubbed works of Arabic, and although there are some violent images, the anime is suitable for family viewing. The anime is expected to receive a complementary film soon.

Watch Violet Evergarden on Netflix

4. BAKI "Anime movies on Netflix"

Anime Baki entered the world of fighting anime strongly despite the presence of strong competitors in recent years, the anime presents the story of “Hanma Baki” a fighter who wants to overcome his father’s accomplishments in the martial arts world, but the road will not be easy for him, as five of the strongest fighters in prisons want to take it down.

Anime is famous because of the violence and its product quality, so it is self-evident that it is not suitable for family viewing.

Watch Baki on Netflix

5. B the Beginning

Although there is a lot of controversy about this anime during its release, it is without a doubt one of the best Netflix anime currently in existence, and one of the most well-known as well. 

The anime presents an innovative story of the investigation between the super intelligence detective and the criminal “B”. Detective Keith Flick tries to solve this series of crimes with his distinctive investigative capabilities.

The anime is intuitively violent in nature and this does not make it suitable for young followers.

Watch B the beginning on netflix

6. Devilman Crybaby

After many years, this anime brings the demons back to their true form in the anime, as horrific, evil, disgusting beings who thrive in crime and corruption, instead of the pleasant form that demons have taken in the anime for a long time, and this naturally makes some followers annoyed.

 The anime presents the story of a small, weak young man who is dragged into the middle of a war between humans and demons, to be the half of the devil that might save humanity.

The anime includes very sexual and violent pictures and references, and it is not recommended to watch it for those who are sensitive to this type of artwork.

Watch Devilman Crybabyon Netflix

7. Ajin "Anime movies on Netflix"

The anime mainly presents the story of the boy Nagai Kai who discovers, after being hit by a truck, that he is one of the perpetrators, the half-immortal human beings. 

In his story on how countries deal with this phenomenon and how these immortal human beings behave with the absolute power they possess.

Anime does not include much violence, but it is an anime that displays cases of torture and terrorism in a brutal manner, so it is not recommended to watch it for young followers, but it can be considered valid for viewing with parental control.

 Anime has two seasons and does not provide the full story in either.

Watch it on Netflix

8. Hi Score Girl

This Anime is a simple romantic comedy that is suitable for all family members, showing competitions in arcade games between a young man and his wealthy girlfriend from school, who mistakenly discovers that she is also obsessed with futsal games.

This can be considered the only anime in the original Netflix anime collection, which has a slice of life that distinguishes the anime from other types of media. And he succeeds greatly in presenting this aspect.

Watch Hi Score Girl on Netflix

9. Other Netflix Anime

In addition to the original anime collection that the platform offers, you can find a group of other famous anime that Netflix has obtained licenses to display around the world. It is not possible to say that all of these anime reach the level of other works provided by the platform, but there is a good group of them you must definitely try to watch.

10. Other Netflix Anime

The anime, also known by the name boku dake ga inai machi, is one of the most popular travel time anime in recent years. And his attractive story makes him the distinguished work of many followers.

Watch Erased on Netflix

11. One Punch Man. More Anime movies on Netflix

One Strike Man is one of the best satirical Japanese comedies in recent years, with a production that amazes all the followers. The anime presents Saitama’s story. A superhero does heroic deeds as a hobby. 

This superhero, unlike usual, does not face any kind of difficulties in his life in terms of the bad guys he meets. He is able to wipe them out of existence with just one blow, even if he does not want to hit them with full force.

Comedies in anime do not exploit sexual or violent elements to convey the idea, on the contrary, calm is a key component in anime, but a dark sense of humor may not be appropriate for young followers.

Watch One Punch Man on Netflix

12. ToRaDoRa

Anime Toradora presents a story of intertwined love relationships between a group of distinct personalities. Anime is considered an iconic anime in the classification of school romantic comedy, and it is characterized by the kindness of events and characters. 

The anime is suitable for young followers and does not include any sexual or violent images, and it can be said that it is one of the most important anime released in 2008.

Watch ToRaDoRa on Netflix

13. Death Note

One of the most famous undisputed Japanese anime, Death Note anime is characterized by its similarity to the Hollywood character, which makes it the “entrance” anime for many followers who wish to enter the anime world, as it does not differ much in presenting his story from American works, although all the other details are very different.

The anime presents the story of a young high school student who gets a memo called the death note, delivered by one of the gods of death to the earth for a little fun. Without the interference of the police and investigators, especially the world-famous investigator “L” who wants to arrest this unknown criminal.

The anime is one of the best Japanese detective works and has received numerous quotes, including Netflix’s Live-action movie itself.

Watch Death Note on Netflix “Anime movies on Netflix

14. Code Geass

One of the most famous works of mica in the last ten years, Code Gias presents the story of a young man named Liloche who has the ability to control others by just looking at them, the young man uses this ability in an attempt to liberate Japan from the long-running occupation of the Kingdom of Britannia.

The distinctive anime plot and interesting characters are what make this anime the favorite of many followers, and it is available in its two seasons on the Netflix platform, and an upcoming part of the story is also waiting for the coming period.

Watch Code Geass on Netflix

15. Fullmetal Alchemist: brotherhood

The most rated anime ever, is a reproduction of the Fullmetal Alchemist anime that treats the same story differently. 

The anime presents the story of the brothers Edward and Alfonso, who lost parts of their bodies in an attempt to recover their deceased mother using alchemy, and their adventure in trying to recover what they lost in the process.

Watch Fullmetal Alchemist: brotherhoodon Netflix

16. Pokémon – I Choose You

Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! To retell the funny and touching story that tells how Ash and Pikachu met for the first time and became one of the best friends, and it is a successful film in this regard. 

The movie focuses on the importance of friendship above everything else with a vibrant and colorful rendition filled with very popular Pokemon characters. And everything works the way you expect, until the end as things take a sharp turn and turn into something that causes headaches and leaves us to the end with a strange and painful feeling.

Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! The biggest and best moments of the first season in the Pokemon cartoon series, but they do not have the same emotional power as the source material because they are all compressed into one 90-minute movie. 

However, it is worth noting that the graphics are amazing and the Pokémon are more cool and cute than ever, and the action scenes are amazing. The Ho-oh-focused movie story brings back that prestige to legendary Pokemon, but eventually fails due to some strange twists and turns.

Watch it Here on Netflix.

17. Mary and The Witch’s Flower

The story of this anime movie:
The role of the story is about a girl named Mary Smith who recently moved to her aunt Charlotte’s house, but all the time she gets bored there is no one to play with, so she tries to make herself useful by doing housework, but it constantly creates chaos.

Then she meets two cats, “Tipp” and “unseen” Mary, catching the cats until she saw beautiful flowers bright blue balloon called this flower “witch flower” picks up part of these flowers and takes her with her to the house. Then the cat gets lost, and the cat goes away to search for a cat, a cat and a tip, and the cat leads it to a magic wand that is located between the branches of the tree. Then she works the broomstick and flies with Mary up.

Information about the movie:
Directed by: Hiromasa Yonbayashi
Production: Yoshiaki Nishimura
Show duration: 102 minutes

18. One of the anime movies on Netflix is Darwin's Game

The story of this anime movie:

“Sudo Kanami” has been invited to try a new mysterious mobile game called “Darwin’s Game” (Darwin Game), but he later realized that he was stuck in a deadly game that has no way to end it.

Anime Information:
Number of episodes:
Episode duration: 23 min
Categories: Action, Mystery, Shonen

An excerpt from the anime story – taken from a manga of the same name written by FLIPFLOPs –

“One day a high school student, Kanami Sudo, receives on his phone a mysterious call to download a game app called“ The Darwin Game, ”and when he starts playing it he finds himself involved in a deadly brutal game in which players use a set of miraculous abilities where loss means death! Worse still, there is no way out, through his involvement in violent confrontations with strong players, will Kanami be able to overcome that game and survive?

Watch Darwin’s Game on Netflix here

19. Somali and the forest spirit

In April 2015, the first Somali to Mori no Kamisama manga chapters were released, which quickly managed to receive great successes, both in terms of evaluations and even season sales, and that is why Satelight Studio announced the transformation of this distinguished work into an anime series. We already got the first episodes of the anime, but now The studio shares the number of episodes in the first season.

As the studio announced today that the first season of the anime Somali to Mori no Kamisama will consist of 12 episodes, and if the success of the first season is expected to be renewed for a second season during the next year.

Watch somali and the forest spirit on Netflix here.

20. In/Spectre

Anime (In / Specter (Kyokou Suiri) Summary

At the age of eleven, Kotoko Iwanaga was kidnapped by the Yokai for two weeks and asked to become the “Goddess of Wisdom”, a mediator between the world of spirits and the human world. 

She accepted the death of Kotoko Ioannaga quickly but at the expense of her right eye and leg Left, whenever Yuki wants to solve their problems, they go to Kotoko Ioannaga for consultation. Meanwhile, Kuro Sakuragawa,

a 22-year-old college student, separated from his girlfriend after he escaped on his own when the two confronted Kappa. When she sees this as an opportunity to be close to him, Kotoko instantly makes her move, hoping to one day marry Kourou. However, she quickly realizes that there is something mysterious about Coro. 

And, with this knowledge, she asks about his help in solving various issues that are supernatural, in the hope that her new partner will return and share her feelings.

Watch In/Specter on netflix here.

21. A Silent Voice

Condition: finished
Number of volumes: 7 volumes
Genre: Drama, Romans, Scholastic, Schoenen

The story of manga:

Shoya Ishida, a boy in primary school who is often curious and wondered, always foolishly, to overcome boredom.
One day, a deaf girl moves to his class “Choco Nishimiya”. That girl always smiles cold, without feelings.

And in order to understand what this girl thinks, Shoya annoys her, and it turns out to eventually bully, and day in and day out, everyone in the classroom does that.

In the end, Choco’s mother discovers that her daughter is being bullied and is transferred to another school.

This is why the principal of the school gets angry and begins investigating what happened in that class. Friends tell about what Shoya did to “Choco” and when he wants to defend himself by saying “You have bullied her”, everyone turns against him and becomes the new target for bullying. And at that time, too late, he understood his distress and regret for Choco.

After five years, Shoya becomes a high school student who does not care about friendship, does not know what she has and does not have any friends …. he suddenly meets with “Choco” and tries to approach her to compensate for the pain that caused her when she was young.

Watch A silent voice on Netflix.

22. Berserk: The Golden Age Arc

General information :
Genre: Action Adventure
Age Range: Adults only!

The beginning:
In a time that has contained wars for up to 100 years, many fighters have tried to serve their own purposes or gain access to high positions taking advantage of their combat capabilities as fighting has become a profession and a job that guarantees living while that does not guarantee other occupations and trades acquired and inherited!

Watch Berserk: The Golden Age Arc on Netflix

23. Anime movies on Netflix, Lupin the third the castle of Cagliostro

Type: Film (1 hour 14 minutes)
Genre: Drama, Romance, Slice of Life
Number of episodes: 1
Category: Adventure, Comedy, Action

The story of the Movie:
The film consists of 3 short literary stories, “Rice Pasta” tells of loss and hope, “Little Fashion Show” tells about the fraternal relationship, “Shanghai Love” tells about the first love, it’s sweet and bitter.

The graphics and backgrounds are very beautiful, you will immediately notice the similarity of the backgrounds in the films of CoMix Wave Studio, such as “Your Name” and “Garden of Words”.
The stories are simple, uncomplicated, and directed to all groups, whether they are anime followers or not, in addition to that they are short, as the story of one film will end without the need for complications or wasting time in adding events to the story.

The third film was characterized by a wonderful directing similar to the movie “Your Name”, directed by director Howlin Lee, who was very influenced by the director Makoto Shinkai. 

Lee admitted to admiring director Shinkai 10 years ago and that is why the directing style is similar, and yet the director had his wonderful touches that made his film the best of the three films.

The film is 3 short films that are grouped into one film. It would have been better to divide the films separately, in case one of them wanted to repeat one of the films without the other or to advise one without the other, it would be better to separate it.
The stories are so simple that there is nothing that draws you in after you finish watching, the first two films were not that inexpensive or enchanting you to watch again, it was a passing story and quickly ended.

What is the best anime movie on Netflix?

The .best anime movie on Netflix is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, you will ask me why, well this anime is the most voted one. See it here. You will find also other most rated anime on you can also vote for your favorite.


So those are the best anime movies on Netflix, the better one as you have seen is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, try to watch it and tell me about it if it is good or not. You can leave me your feedback in comments I would appreciate that. 

If you want to learn about anime drawing you can find it here.