Monkey D Garp 79 years old, his job at the moment is a trainer in the Marine. The personality of Garp overwhelmed by fun and carelessness even Morgan hit Garp with his sword but he didn’t even feel it he was sleeping that shows you that he is a Funny Man.

Today we will talk about Garp and I will give you some facts that you might hear before and others you’ve never heard about. Let’s get started.

He chooses and prefers smashing walls instead of entering from the door that means a Tank walking on the ground but on the other side, he is a great justice man he loves Marine and hates Pirates that’s exactly what we saw when he was torturing Luffy and Ace because they chose Pirates side instead of the Marine the same as his son Dragon but when it comes to his family he becomes emotional.

This is what happened in the war with Ace when he died in the hands of Akaino Garp wanted to kill Akainu but Sengoku stopped him because he is the hero of Marines (One of the rules of marines is: never be in the side of pirates) it’s a shame finishing a march full of titles in a bad way! just imagine that so when Sengoku stopped him he gave up because he knew that it’s a bad thing although everything also because he loves Marines.

The strength of Garp:

Actually no one knows how Garp fights is it using Haki alone or Haki with a devil fruit? no one knows but his main weapon is his hands and (Haki) that hat we saw about him many times.

70% he ate a devil fruit as Senguko for instance who has a legendary Zoan devil fruit which is Angrboda but we Garp featured by his high body strength, according to the story when Garp was training to fight Don Chinjao he destroyed 8 mountains just imagine that 8 mountains, just as a training! that on one side, on the other side he can throw shells faster than cannon, he can also hold heavy Iron balls and play using it easily so all those things tell us that Garp has an unimaginable body strength.

Besides all of this, a strong Hardening Haki, Do you want something else? wait we didn’t say anything yet this man is a monster.

So now the main weapon of Garp is Haki but the probability of having a devil fruit is also possible, so if it was right and he got a devil fruit plus his Haki that explains being a Hero in the old days and being famous character these days.

Garp Fights:

Of course, Garp knew that he is strong and fights and battles are a big proof so here are some of his Fights:

He was fighting the king of pirates (The king not someone else) so it comes that they were fighting Until they almost kill each other and that shows how strong their fights are and not just one fight actually many fights.

The history of fights between Sengoku and Garp vs Roger pirates is full of events even because of too many fights between Roger and Garp, Roger respects Garp and the same thing Garp respect Roger. Roger said that he prefers fighting Senguko and Garp in Marine not someone else because others are not on the same level.

Their fights become a challenge, Roger to defeat Garp and Garp to catch Roger.

Shiki vs Sengoku and Garp

When Shiki feels boring or I don’t know what’s the matter with him (he is the enemy of Roger) wanted to attack Marine but Sengoku and Garp was there so the fight end and the twin won while Shiki loses and they put him in the prison of Empel down.

Don Chinjao vs Garp

Another fight with Don Chinjao which had a strong head who can destroy an icy continent using his head but when he faces Garp he distorted his head just with his one strike.

3- The final fight which is the legendary fight which caused calling him the hero of Marine is vs Rocks Pirates.

In the old times and the beginning of pirating, there was a scary crew famous for his huge power and the unimaginable strength of his members (Kaido, Whitebeard, Big mom, and their captain Rocks) they were powerful so they controlled the world and they were a big danger for both pirates and Marine so Roger and Garp allied to defeat Rocks.

The fight was between Rocks and their fleet vs Roger and his fleet with Garp, but we don’t know if the Marine used him alone or used him with Sengoku and their fleet.

The only thing we know is that after Garp defeated the Rocks pirates they starting calling him the hero of Marine.

Pirates call him the devil because he defeated them as well as his power.(Big Mom talk about Garp)

His power almost the same with Roger ad Defeated Rocks! what do you want more than that, but now his power is not the same as it is in the past he said it himself now he resigned from his position and started working as a trainer in Marine, the former admiral Aokiji is one of his students (We saw how strong is Aokiji) now he is preparing for the next years by training Coby, the character that we expect a lot from.

Actually, Garp has relationships with many strong characters, he is the father of Monkey D Dragon and the grandparent of the king of pirates Luffy, raised the son of the king of pirates Ace, trained a strong admiral such as Aokiji, training a future admiral Coby, a friend of Gol D Roger, destroyed and separated the Rocks, all Yonko knows him (Rocks) and wherever you go you hear his neam.

Rating: (…/10)

  • Strength: 10/10
  • Rank: 9,5/10
  • Luxury: 7/10
  • Appearance: 6/10
  • Final evaluation: 8/10
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