When it comes to Monkey D dragon power we all agree that he is so powerful, the big proof is that they call him (The most dangerous man in the world) but what about Monkey D dragon devil fruit? we are all sure that he has a devil fruit and some say that it is the wind fruit but I will shock you in this post today so let’s get started.

Monkey D Dragon Power

monkey d dragon power
Monkey d dragon power

The Past of Monkey D Dragon

If we want to talk about Monkey D Dragon’s power we must know about his past and how he started, one of the secrets of One Piece.

We all know Dragon is the son of Garb and that Garb forced his son to train hard and become one of the greatest characters in Marines. What Garb did with Luffy is not like what he did with his son dragon because it’s normal that the father to force on his son the opposite of his grandson (he will be nice to his grandson).

monkey d dragon power

So Dragon tokes hard exercises when he was young in order to be one of the Marines and become the best one there.

This is also why Garb named him Dragon because heavenly dragons love anything related to dragons, so garb wanted his son to have big value and to be loved by heavenly dragons.

Dragon, in the beginning, we can say that he goes with his father’s desire but when he becomes an adult something happened and made Dragon hate the heavenly dragons and totally refused to work with them instead he started working to defeat them.

monkey d dragon power
monkey d dragon power

The whole thing started with the mother of Luffy (monkey d dragon wife) which knew the secrets and everything about the government but we don’t know where she takes this informations and secrets like those.

So she met Dragon and told him about all the secrets, so Monkey D Dragon started looking in the past of the government and heavenly dragons.

So dragon continued on this way and this toke him to Roger, Roger helped Monkey D. Dragon to get what he wants but later after Roger was executed, Dragon and his wife began creating their army (revolutionary army) in order to start a war with the government later and this is the opposite with what Garb wanted.

Monkey D Dragon power Theory

Monkey D Dragon power actually related to weather exactly wind, in a period I was believing that this is true because we always see wind around him but later I noticed that he is not controlling just wind but also the rain wait thunder also.

We saw the thunder that stopped Buggi wanted to cutting the head of Luffy, there is no way that this might be a coincidence because it’s impossible that Dragon is watching his son dying without doing anything.

Dragon Power also allows him to fly because of the wind and his devil fruit is for a certain creature and this creature is a dragon.

Monkey D dragon fruit

This Dragon is one of the Asian dragons, being an enemy of Western dragons puts you in a position where you should be an Asian Dragon if you really want to fight them.

The tattoo of Dragon on his face confirms this theory, it’s the tattoo of Asian Dragons skin. So giving this devil fruit to Dragon is not bull shit, there is 4 Oriental dragon you can read about them here on Wikipedia and they are(FucanglongShen Lung, Tianlong Dilong). look (maybe we will see 2 characters own Oriental dragons devil fruits) but you know that already began with Khttps://animedrawn.com/list-of-one-piece-bounties/aido and Dragon, now we are waiting for two other characters to appear.

Looking at this legendary fruit and the training of Dragon when he was young and the types of Haki he got and its power, this person gets to a level of power which made him override some Yonkos.

Yes, he didn’t have the name of Yonko just like that but his power made him hard to catch and defeat. And you know that this fruit will give Dragon physical hardness such as Kaido.

monkey d dragon power
monkey d dragon power

So having hardening Haki and skin such as Kaido makes it hard for an enemy to beat him also he is fast because of his devil fruit besides the wind and prediction Haki you can imagine how fast he is.


Monkey D Dragon’s power is more than super amazing, he can beat some Yonkos using power and all I said is Logic and True because we’ve seen all those things in One Piece I am not taking anything from my head or something. So you might have a different opinion and that’s normal so if you do not agree with me, what’s your theory about Monkey D Dragon Power?

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