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Dark King Silvers Rayleigh| who is Rayleigh | His devil fruit (One Piece)

by Youssef

Rayleigh or the Dark King 78 years old, the right hand of Gol D. Roger (The king of pirates).

Table of Content:

  • How strong is Silver Rayleigh?
  • Does Rayleigh have a devil fruit?
  • Is Rayleigh Yonko level?

The personality of Rayleigh overwhelmed by the fun as well as he is emotional as we saw when he was training Luffy (he cried because he remembered the memories he lived with Gol D. Roger) also when he cried because of the death of Whitebeard…

This is an example.

When it comes to the past Rayleigh becomes emotional in fact, he is always talking about the past if you notice that I think Oda gave him that mission which is to inform us about what happened in the past.

The dark king Rayleigh considered one of the characters who had lots of relationships full of respect between the characters in One Piece.

  • As an example, between him and Gol D Roger because he is a member of his crew first, second because he is the Vice-commander also he is the first one to join his crew.
  • Another example is between him and Shanks and the luckiest guy in One Piece Buggy because he was the trainer of the new members or the students in the crew.
  • Also between him and Whitebeard, they were fighting so many times so because of the huge number of battles between Roger crew and Whitebeard crew they were celebrating at the end of the fight.
  • Between him and Roger as well as Sengoku because they were also fighting too many times under the conflict of Marine and Pirates, actually Garp talked about him when he said that he is a legend that there is no way for Marine to fight two legends (Rayleigh and Whitebeard) unless there are plans and other things…

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How strong is Silvers Rayleigh

So we knew a little about Rayleigh but how strong he is?

According to Shakki (the wife of Rayleigh) which knows how much power he is said that Rayleigh is stronger 100 times than all the supernova in (Sabaody archipelago arc) but if you think that she was just kidding just try to remember what Kizaru did with the supernova and keep in mind that he was just kidding the same with Raleigh in fact, we saw them both fighting but just because Rayleigh become older he couldn’t defeat Kizaru the same happened to Whitebeard.


Does Silvers Rayleigh have a devil fruit?

Absolutely no, in fact, all Gol D Roger crew members except Buggy didn’t eat devil fruits the same with Shanks and his crew so what’s their power? I’ll tell you that they are the kings of the 3 types of Haki, Rayleigh uses Haki (Hardening Haki, prediction Haki, and Royal Haki) also he can sensor things. When he was training Luffy he could sensor all the creatures on the island besides he knew its power even if it’s far away from him.

But you will tell me mastering Haki is not enough to be strong? I’ll say yes, Rayleigh’s power is also by using a sword but how did I know that? okay, I’ll tell you how.

He didn’t eat a devil fruit but he uses Haki, so do you think that Haki alone could work with devil fruit users? of course no, so the biggest proof that he uses the sword is when he was fighting Kizaru and he said “I didn’t use a sword for a long time”

Anyway, Rayleigh uses Haki with his sword also the same with Mihawk.

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Is Silvers Rayleigh Yonko level?

When he was a young man he was at the same level as a Yonko (Using Royal Haki, Hardening Haki, Prediction Haki as well as fighting with a sword).

When he was young he was so strong, you see now that he is not training at all and he is old … but he could face and hurt Kizaru (The young man) in his face but as I said he is not that strong anymore because when he was fighting Kizaru he was tired although he could hurt Kizaru in his face.

So when you heard about all of that what do you think about his power when he was young? considering that he is the right hand of the king of pirates and roger was relying on him too much also he gave a big help to Roger to become the king of pirates.

He also knows a lot about the secrets of the world, Raftel, One Piece treasure, The world Government. In fact, he was so close to telling straw hat pirates about where is One Piece when Robin asked him as well as Usopp’s question but Luffy didn’t want to know that.

Also, Rayleigh loves Luffy because when he sees Luffy he remembers Gol D Roger the same with Shanks, and he wanted to met him so that what’s happened in “Sabaody Archipelago” and then Luffy told him that he is going to be the king of pirates so he liked him and as a result, he trained him for 2 years to become stronger and that what happened. Now Luffy is a Yonko and he is stronger than before all of that because of Rayleigh.

Everyone in One Piece respects him because he the legend of the old times as well as he is strong.

Now the last thing is to give a rating (/ 10)to this amazing character (His strength, The appearance, rank, Luxury, and the Final evaluation)

Silvers Rayleigh Evaluation:

  • Strength: 10/ 10
  • Rank: 9/ 10
  • Luxury: 9,5 / 10
  • The appearance: 8, 5/ 10
  • The Final evaluation: 9,5/ 10

This was my post about the dark king Silvers Rayleigh, he is actually one of my favorite characters so I wish you like this Thank you so much ☺

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