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Gol D. Roger devil fruit! (The secret of Roger) | One Piece

Gol D. Roger devil fruit! (The secret of Roger) | One Piece

Does Gol D. Roger have a devil fruit, if the answer is yes so what’s Gol D roger devil fruit? First of all Gol D roger has no devil fruit instead he has Haki and let me tell you something.

You know what Whitebeard devil fruit is doing right so it’s the same with the Haki of Gol D. Roger just his Haki cause a lot of weather fluctuations but just wait I will Explain everything.

Roger execution

Gol D Roger Power

Gol D. Roger the man who had everything in One Piece except health so he gives oneself up to Marines voluntarily so then they execute him.

Imagine with me gathering the power of Shanks, Kaido, Whitebeard, Big mom all can’t get to Roger’s power the man who arrives into Raftel (Laugh Tale) and found the One Piece.

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Gol D Roger devil fruit

So many people are wondering if Gol D. Roger has a devil fruit and some guys say that his devil fruit is Mera Mera No Mi (The fruit of Ace, now it’s Sabo’s fruit)

Gol D roger

and this is their excuse, because they saw the fire went out but it’sjust because of his royal Haki, it’s normal from him to feel mad because he was talking about his child.

Now let’s take a look at the Haki of Ace when he saved Luffy:


So it’s not Ace Fruit but some of you will say that Roger has a terrifying power and you’ll expect that he must have a devil fruit.

I’ll say yes Roger was out of the ordinary but it didn’t was devil fruit.

Some people indicate handcuffs that Roger was bound by as proof that he is using devil fruit they say that they are “Kairoseki Seastone“. I’ll say if they were not Kairosekihandcuffs because even if they were really Kairoseki, the power of roger will decrease.

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Gol D Roger Power

Because as we all know the owners of devil fruits can’t move if the Kairoseki touch them, I think they were really Kairoseki handcuffs but they used it just because it’s hard to destroy.

Gol D Roger Power

Another proof is when Buggy and Shanks when they still in Roger crew, one day Shanks found devil fruit then he told them all but Roger asked him what is a devil fruit.

So they don’t even know, because if Roger was using a certain devil fruit you will find Buggy and the whole crew already know that because his captain is using it.

After that Shanks explained what is a devil fruit and he was talking and saying that he heard that speech from someone also he said that if someone ate it he cannot swim anymore.

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Buggy reply:

Just a mad man who will eat this

Roger devil fruit
Roger devil fruit

Looking at their speech we understand that Roger is not using any devil fruit.

Another proof:

Buggy made a fake fruit then he tokes the real one in order to sell it, then he goes to the bow in front of the crew and said I will eat this fruit, they started laughing 🤣 and they said “who wants to become a pirate and want to lose the ability to swim” but Buggy ate the fake fruit so they thought that he ate the original so he can sell it.

At night he wanted to go so he started preparing the boat but Shanks saw him and Buggy shocked so he put the original fruit inside his mouth but he swallowed it by accident then he becomes the first one who used the devil fruit in Roger crew.

Gol D. Roger Power level

So what’s Gol D. Roger’s power? and how strong is Roger? Roger is using Haki the same as Shanks when he used it with Whitebeard pirates and stopped Kaido and the war, the power of Haki of Roger is legendary. Just Luff’s Royal Haki overthrown 50,000 amphibious what do you think Roger Royal Haki will be like!

Roger is the strongest man in One Piece so the biggest proof that he uses Haki is Shanks because he was just helping Roger but he trained him and gave him his straw hat.

Shanks using just his Haki stopped the war of Marineford as well as Kaido and did a lot, in addition to that he is a Yonko (Read here about Shanks true power).

Shanks Haki

Look when Shanks and Whitebeard were talking but Shanks attacked Whitebeard the sky was split because of their Haki, The same with Roger and Whitebeard when they were fighting again the sky was split watch this:

Gol D Roger Power
Roger vs Whitebeard

So as you can see, Roger’s Haki is more than that because he is the strongest man there, his true Haki can cause hurricanes and thunderstorms.

One of the things that helped Roger to become the king is the ability to hear everything the same as Luffy.

In the early beginnings of Roger, he could hear the voices of sea kings as well as Poneglyph but he couldn’t control this until many years passed beside prediction Haki so gathering those he can take correct decisions.

Roger vs Shiki

As we also saw Roger vs Shiki, look at What happened to Shiki and his crew:

Shiki vs Roger

As Oda said Shiki’s crew and ships destroyed just by some hurricanes and thunderstorms so maybe it is 90% his power the proof is Roger ship didn’t move or get damaged.

Roger defeat everyone starting from pirates till Marines but I have a question, Can Roger defeat Imu-Sama?


Roger crew didn’t have anyone using devil fruits that’s why they were surprised when they heard about it, they even said the just foul who will eat it and lose his swimming abilities.

The power of Roger and the secret is that he master Royal haki, Hardening Haki, Prediction Haki. We can say he is the master of Haki that’s why he is so powerful.

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