Roger pirates the most dangerous ones in One Piece why not, they are the members of the king of pirates crew and the first crew who arrived at Raftel and discovered the One Piece treasure but before roger executed, the crew separated, and each one took his way and continued their life as they wish. In this post, you will discover the best members of Gol D. Roger Crew and we will recognize them more.

The power of the character here depends on his importance in the crew so if you agree with the idea continue reading. “We will not consider the real power of the character now in One Piece because it does not make sense!”

Gol D Roger crew, All Roger Pirates Members

Gol D Roger Crew, Roger Pirates (Trainers)

Number 10) Buggy

This character is the funniest in One Piece except for straw hat’s crew members but Buggy is like a clown in Roger’s crew at that time but he got the power of luck, he is so lucky he became a Shichibukai? How I don’t know! the luckiest is that he is a member of the Gol D Roger crew also he got a bounty more than Chopper! by the way, Chopper’s bounty is just 100 Beli.

As we all saw Buggy was not that helpful, you can see in the video that he is the only one who was crying and wanted to run away while the whole crew of Roger stands and wanted to fight.

Number 9) Seagull Guns Nozdon

When I searched I didn’t find lots of pictures of that guy because he didn’t appear too much we saw him just one time when Roger crew were fighting the fleet of Shiki but we can see that he is a strong man, his body is bigger than all the crew members.

We saw him mad when they were facing Shiki and that means he is strong not like Nami, Ussop, Buggy, and others who become scared when they see someone stronger than him. We might see him in the future and maybe he will meet Luffy’s crew and help them as Rayleigh did.

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Number 7) Nekomamushi and Inuarashi.

Those guys are strong and they were helpful for roger crew and we will see those two fighting Jack in the future in the Wano arc.

They are both ranked 7 because they joined Roger crew at once after they left the Whitebeard crew, they are the strongest Minks that way they gave Gol D. Roger crew more value and power, Nekomamushi and Inurashi helped the crew of Gol D. Roger too much by telling him about the place of the red Poneglyph which is in Zou which leads to the island of Raftel.

Number 6) Shanks

Yonko Shanks at that time was a student in Roger pirates’ crew, even if he had not enough power he was smart and he got the trust of Roger so he gave him his Straw hat which has a huge value for Roger. All that we can say about Shanks at that time is that he was nearly a friend of Gol D.

Roger as well as it’s possible that they exchanged some information about (D) and the will of D, the government, and Gorosei also. All this and more, Shanks had the ability to know all of this so that is what makes him so dangerous because he knows the weak point of the world government and its secrets without being mentioned his power and his crew.

We should not forget that Shanks’s rule in the story is important because he is the guy who inspired Luffy to be a pirate and find the One Piece and complete the mission that Roger couldn’t complete because of his illness.

Number 5) Crocus

I put Crocus at number 5 because his role in the crew of Roger was so important because according to Rayleigh speech Crocus is the only one who could stop the Gol D. Roger Illness for a long time so if this guy wasn’t in his crew he couldn’t be the king of pirates, so here we realize that if you don’t have a good crew you’ll not do well.

He is a strong man besides being a doctor we shouldn’t also forget that he is the guy who teaches straw hat pirates the map of One Piece world and the Grand Line also the method of using the compass and moving from an island to another to the New World.

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Number 4) Kozuki Oden.

Oden the father of Momonosuke you must have heard this name, we didn’t saw his real picture yet but they say that Kaido and Orochi executed him in Wano but all that we know about him is the fact that he is one of the strongest members of Gol D. Roger crew

His role and mission are important in the crew, I can say that his mission was the same as Robin mission in straw hat crew, it is reading the Poneglyph because Oden also was able to understand the symbols of Poneglyph as well as he was the only one in his clan who can read it. So his value in the crew was so important because he was the key to find the island of Raftel the same with Robin and Luffy.

Number 3) Scopper Gaban

This man appeared just one time which is in the battle with Shiki where we saw him talking with Buggy but the saddest thing is we don’t know anything about him or his power but all we know is that he is the left hand of Roger.

Also, I expect that he is going to help Luffy and his friends while fighting Kaido maybe or Imu-sama as Rayleigh did earlier but 80% we might see him in Wano.

Number 2) Rayleigh

Hey, Rayleigh, we have been talking about you 🤷‍♂️🙄 okay, he is one of the legendary characters in One Piece as well as he is the first person to join Roger to become later his right hand the same as Zoro, they are friends so he knows everything such as Raftel secrets and other things because he was with Roger then.

Rayleigh is actually still considered dangerous for the government because he knows its secrets besides being strong and a great swordsman, he also perfects the 3 types of Haki and he is the teacher of Luffy besides the Yonko Shanks in the past, actually, everyone respects Rayleigh in the new world as well as the fans of One Piece.

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Number 1) The king of Pirates Gol D. Roger

Of course, the captain of the crew and the king of pirates are also the number one in all Pieces.
This man could reach a great achievement that no one else did which is finding the One Piece treasure which made everyone consider him as the king of pirates, we know that his personality is scary and he is the same as Luffy and Kid in their mindest but he is closer to Luffy and he always smiles.

He does not accept insults the same as his son Ace did in the war of Marineford (when Akainu said some things that he didn’t like so he decided to fight Akainu which lead him to die at the end) Roger also when he faced Shiki.

All I can say is that his personality is the same as the personality of Luffy, Luffy = Roger.

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This is still my own rank so if you didn’t agree with it or something you can leave your rank in a comment so I can see it, anyway I wish you enjoyed this have a nice day 😍❤


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