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Since Carol J. Clough wrote her book in 1992 Men and women and leaflets Speaking for the first time about the “last girl” metaphor used in horror movies, fans have been eagerly awaiting each new release, wondering if there are more characters that would fall into an interesting category. But while there are many celebrated girls from horror history, the most famous of them is Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) of HalloweenThere are many people who do not get the attention they need.

From the main character of a cheesy but fun ’90s horror movie to the star of a hard dayA scary story, there are several other girls who are facing the most famous and famous.

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I know what you did last summerThe TV series is not very good, but the 1997 movie is still interesting. While this is a ’90s horror movie that has held up, Julie James (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is understated in terms of the last girl character.

Sidney Prescott (Nev Campbell) gets all the credit as the perfect ’90s figure who left the list after going through an incredibly traumatic experience. But Jolie deserves some praise, too. Like Sydney, Julie is a teenager with a thriving social life and her serious boyfriend (Ray Bronson, played by Freddie Prince Jr.) her life is ruined by a harrowing experience. In Julie’s case, she and her friends ran over someone and thought they had killed him. Julie does her best to be a good and loyal friend while trying to survive. She is a charming person and close to relationships.

Urban legends from the 1998 horror movie make it unforgettable, and Alicia Witt’s character Natalie Simon is one last girl who is underappreciated.

Natalie has several hallmarks of typical Final Girls: she’s a regular person that fans can handle and she seems the most innocent, because she doesn’t do drugs, drink, or have sex. When Natalie’s roommate is murdered, Natalie doesn’t think much about it at first because her roommate often has sex very loudly and so Natalie gets used to ignoring her and pretending that it’s not happening. Natalie is the last girl fans want to see: strong, ready to strike back, and determined to solve the mystery and find the killer.

Taissa Farmiga’s character Max Cartwright may be part of a movie called Final girlsbut it’s still underappreciated and should be part of the conversations about strong characters from modern films.

Max is familiar with horror movies ever since her late mother Amanda (Maline Ackerman) played Nancy in A bloodbath in a campA cheesy movie from the ’90s. Of course, Max doesn’t expect to end up in a movie herself, but she and her fans disappear A bloodbath in a camp And you have to try to survive. Since Max has to protect herself and her friends, she’s a cool last girl who’s also smart and fun to watch. Final girls It is definitely a horror movie that was underrated in 2010 as well thanks to its incredibly cool concept.

Final girls sometimes die in sequels, but Trey Gelbman (Jessica Roth) survives in both Happy Death Day and the 2019 sequel Happy Death Day 2U.

Tree is definitely one last girl to be underestimated as Sidney, Grace Le Domas (Samara Weaving) from ready or not, Dana Polk (Kristen Connolly) from cabin in the woods They are often discussed as contemporary examples of this common trope. But while Tree may not get that much credit, she investigates why she keeps getting killed and coming back to life, suffers from a terrifying situation that she does her best to stay in control and has a sense of humor. The tree is a wonderful character that the audience loves.

While other girls are often part of slash movies, Elisabeth Moss Invisible Man A character, Cecilia Kass, feels like she should be a part of this category as she goes through a major trauma and comes out alive.

This popular Bloomhouse horror film sees Cecila escaping from her abusive husband Adrian Griffin (Oliver Jackson Cohen). The opening scene is one of the coolest ever, as she’s trying not to make a sound, and of course he knows exactly what she’s doing. Cecilia suffers the entire movie and discovers that Adrien pretended to be dead but he still exists, this time as an invisible character just as terrifying as his human existence before. Like Sidney and Laurie, Cecilla deals with pain and pain, and it should be considered one of the best examples of this metaphor.

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