5 Really Unpredictable Plot Turns in Horror Movies


There are such painful plot twists in horror movies that even people who don’t watch a lot of scary movies can pretty much guess it after the first scene. Then there are the plot twists for fans of the genre, as it is truly amazing, unforgettable and unpredictable moments that take viewers’ breath and leave them wondering about all that just happened. The wisest plot twists often require rewatching the movie so the audience can search for clues and piece the puzzle.

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Horror fans each have their own favorite character plot, as this can certainly be subjective, but there are a few movies that stand out as involving a huge revealer that is really hard to guess.

Rosemary Woodhouse (Mia Farrow) knows something is awful as her pregnancy continues in the classic horror movie. rosemary baby. Although she could tell that the couple in her apartment building was a bit creepy, she had no idea that they were part of a demonic sect. The final scene is shocking as Mia gives birth to her child, who she learns is the son of Satan.

rosemary baby He has a sense of awe throughout the entire movie and the movie’s twisted ending is one of the best ever. It’s more exciting since this movie came out in 1968 and was one of the first horror films. With audiences not yet accustomed to wild endings or big plot twists, it was more important, and it’s still an incredibly good movie.

secret window It may not be considered one of the underrated Stephen King films, as it was not as popular as some of the other adaptations, but the film is based on the King novel called Secret window, secret garden. It also has a twist that no one could have predicted.

Johnny Depp’s character is Mort Rennie, a novelist who writes puzzles and begins living in the country because his wife, Amy (Maria Bello) has an affair. Mort is shocked when John Shooter (John Turturro) comes to his house and says Mort copied his short story called “Sewing Season”. Fans learn that Mort and Shooter are the same person as Mort who suffers from dissociative identity disorder and created Shooter. This movie is a timeless plot and will shock anyone who watches the movie because in fact it looks like Shooter is another writer.

If fans think so scream 4 It’s the best movie in the horror franchise, all because of the plot twist: Sydney Prescott (Nev Campbell)’s cousin Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts) is Ghostface.

It is true that in Scream The movies, Anyone Can Be The Killer And Everyone Is A suspect is a horror trope that always works because it scares audiences and makes them think who the killer could be. Jill acts appropriately dazed and anxious throughout the entire film, revealing a stunning movie that still holds on to audiences.

while m. Night Shyamalan the village His movie made in 2015 the visit It has a twist that fans wouldn’t have guessed, either.

Tyler (Ed Oxenbold) and Becca (Olivia Dejung) spend time with their grandparents, Bob Pop and Nana, and start seeing some gross and weird things around the house. They soon realize that their ancestors are evil, terrifying, and kill people. Becca realizes that these people are not her family at all, that her grandparents died and that these two people are killers on the run. While this transformation is big, it’s also amazing to see Tyler and Becca go after Bob Pop and Nana and make sure they never hurt anyone again.

ready or not It is an underrated horror comedy that has a funny and silly tone that is also dark and exciting. Grace Le Domas (Samara Weaving) has just married Alex Le Domas (Mark O’Brien), which has to be the happiest day of her life, or at least one of them. Instead, the family told Grace it was time to play a game of hide and seek. She quickly learns that they want her dead.

When fans learn what the family is up to, it’s sure to be a huge surprise, making this horror movie an amazing and unpredictable twist. It is impossible to imagine people trying to sacrifice a new bride as part of a long-standing family ritual. ready or not It’s a great movie overall with a hilarious ending, lots of great chase scenes, and heart-warming moments.

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