6 anime like a bubble [Recommendations]


Children of the Sea is another great anime movie that you can enjoy watching on Netflix. This movie, like Bubble, has amazing art and focuses on a water-filled adventure that will change the world. In Children of the Sea, we follow the life of Roca and her special new friends who come from the sea. At first, Rokka is drawn to a boy named Omi because of the way he swims freely underwater, however, after meeting his brother Sora, we discover that Rokka’s relationship with the sibling is deeper than a ‘coincidence’. Just like Bubble, where Hibiki was the only one who could hear the bubble song, in Children of the Sea, Ruka can hear a song coming from the sea that no one seems to hear. Hibiki and Ruka were drawn in and pushed to find the source of this song, a tune unknown to them that would take them to an event they were scheduled to participate in.

Both films have similar characteristics in other respects, for example, both characters Uta and Umi are both free-spirited children who act almost like a savage, and they both have names related to what they represent. In both films, scientists try to work with and study the heroes in the hope that they can learn their origins and how they relate to strange events happening in the world. Both films excel at showcasing dance-like action and a water-filled world that can be considered a character on their own. If you are taken in by these items and Bubble art, the Children of the Sea will leave you completely intrigued.

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