A Million Little Things Season 5: When will it be released?


A Million Little Things Season 5
A million little things

No one can deny that friendship is one of the most valuable and most trusting bonds for any person. There are many films and shows that focus on friendships. If you are looking for such a series or movie that highlights friendship as its theme, A Million Little Things might be one of the best choices for you. Four seasons of the show are already over, and season five of A Million Little Things is on its way to attacking our screens.

This series is beautifully designed to showcase real-world friendships and issues. All the episodes that were aired were somehow connected to our lives. People come, people go, but we have to keep ourselves moving to survive. The show also begins with the loss of an important person, then several additions and subtractions occur. We face many challenges in our daily life like relationship issues, professional issues, friendship issues, family issues and much more. A Million Little Things highlights all of these and teaches us that life is not about the big things. It’s a million little things.

Is Season 5 of A Million Little Things Coming? When will the premiere be? Is there any official trailer for this new season? What is the series all about? Who are the actors and characters in the show? Who are the crew members or models? What happened in the fourth season of the show? What can we expect from this next episode of the TV series? Read this blog for answers to all of these questions, plus everything you need to know about this series and its revamp.

A Million Little Things Season 5: Remade or not?

The last season or fourth season of this series ended recently, and it was not the last season of the show. The final episode, which aired on May 18, also left many questions unanswered. This created a curiosity among all of us to know about the next season of the series. This is good news for everyone. Finally, the show is renewed for its next season on May 13, 2022.

According to sources and predictions, the fifth season of A Million Little Things is likely to premiere in mid-late 2023. The announcement of the show’s renewal before the end of last season suggests that viewers won’t have to wait until long to watch the upcoming episodes. Exhibitors run in a pre-planned manner.

A Million Little Things Season 5: Remade or not?
A Million Little Things Season 5: Remade or not?

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Is there any trailer for A Million Little Things season 5?

There is no official promotion for the season of A Million Little Things as the show was recently renewed. There is no expected release date, cast, or plot for the new season yet. But news about the trailer could come anytime soon as the final episode of Season 4 is already airing. Stay tuned for the latest updates on this series.

It’s all about a million little things

A Million Little Things is an American romantic comedy-drama family television series. DJ Nash is the creator of this amazing TV series. The participating production companies are Kapital Entertainment, Next Thing You Know Productions, Fee-Fi-Fo Films, and ABC Signature. This show has 4 seasons with 74 episodes with a running time of approximately 41-43 minutes.

The first season premiered on September 26, 2018 and ended on February 28, 2019, the second season aired from September 26, 2019 to March 26, 2020, the third installment aired from November 19, 2020 to June 9, 2021, and the fourth season began on September 22, 2021 and continued Until May 18, 2022.

Million little things poster
Million little things poster

The filming locations for this TV show are mainly British Columbia, Canada. More specifically, the venues are in Vancouver, such as the Pacific Amphitheater and the Pacific National Fairgrounds. It has a good rating of 7.9 out of 10 as per IMDb. A Million Little Things has also won a huge number of awards and nominations.

Awards include the ReFrame Stamp Award for IMDbPro’s 200 Most Popular TV Titles and the Young Entertainer Award for Best Leading Young Actor – Television Series. Nominations include the GMS Award for Best Song Written or Recorded for Television, Image Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, Leo Award for Best Supporting Performance by a Male in a Drama Series, and UBCP Award for Best Supporting Performance, Male.

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Actors and Characters

A Million Little Things has an amazing team working towards its success. The main cast of A Million Little Things includes David Guntoli as Eddie Savile, Romani Malco as Roma Howard, Alison Miller as Maggie Bloom, Christina Moses as Regina Howard, Christina Ochoa as Ashley Morales, Grace Park as Catherine Kim, James Roday Rodriguez as Gary Mendes, Stephanie Szostak as Delilah Dixon, Tristan Bion as Theo Savile, Lizzie Green as Sophie Dixon, Chance Horstfield as Danny Dixon, and Floriana Lima as Darcy Cooper. Season 5 of A Million Little Things may follow some new additions as well as some departures for the show’s actors and characters.

The Crew of a Million Little Things
Cast a million small things


The name itself indicates, “Friendship is not a big thing – it’s a million small things.” This TV series is entirely based on friendship. The story of this series begins with the suicide of a member of a close-knit circle of friends. Now, other friends have to live their lives with this loss. They need enough motivation to deal with this unfortunate incident. The full story of A Million Little Things revolves around their lives, challenges, struggles, relationships, careers, and efforts.

Quick recap

The fourth season of this series was a major story changer for all of its installments. It had many twists and turns, as well as an unexpected occurrence that would change the lives of many of its characters. The biggest good news of Season 4 is for Gary and Maggie. Although it was a little controversial and many doubts were also raised, the doctor finally confirmed that Maggie was pregnant and they were expecting a baby.

We know there have been some issues with Maddox. Clark was pulling it off from Sussex Prep. When Rome went there to extol him, Maddox was found missing and Clark gave a grand speech about accepting who their child would be. Then finally, they find Maddox, and his father kisses him, too. Also, last season, Anna was caught pushing Peter down the stairs when he apologized for what he did to hurt all the girls.

Season 4 of A Million Little Things also showed Katherine’s mother and grandmother Theo reuniting Katherine and Greta after Theo explained their relationship with them. After that, Catherine and Greta shared a romantic kiss. In the same season, Terrell agreed to enroll at Yale University, taking into account Rome.

This part of the story also had one of the biggest bad news in the series. Gary was making little videos of his baby where the cancer came back. Many things have been revealed about Gary, among them his secrets about cancer that he has been keeping from everyone. The end of Season 4 has kept us in a dilemma as to whether or not Gary will be able to welcome his child.

A Million Little Things Season 5
A scene from the movie A Million Little Things

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What can we expect from A Million Little Things Season 5?

After the better and worse plot changes in Part 4 of the show, we can definitely expect Season 5 to answer a lot of questions from previous seasons, like what will happen to Gary? Will everyone know about cancer before he dies? What will happen now to Anna? And much more.

Season 5 of A Million Little Things will take the story of Maggie’s pregnancy, the unmarked happy life of Maddox, and the revelations of Anna, Catherine and Greta’s romance. Also, it might show us the end of Gary’s character on the show. There are no spoilers for the new episodes, yet, so we can’t predict the new season’s plot. But it will surely bring smiles as well as tears to our eyes like any other season of the show where the showrunners excel at the talent for balancing sentiment.

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