Amine Farsi and Freeze Corleone removed from YouTube trends?


Amine Farsi regretted his absence from YouTube trends this Thursday after the publication of his title “FRAUD” with Freeze Corleone.

Amine Farsi and Freeze Corleone hit hard with the music video for “FRAUD” released this Wednesday. The collaboration, taken from Farsi, the producer’s project, has accumulated nearly 200,000 views in 24 hours. A certain success for the two artists, who shook up social networks, but not enough to catch trends on YouTube. Amine Farsi also complained about it on Twitter, juxtaposing two screenshots, one of his clip, and another of “Star du rap”, Hatik’s new clip.

The latter, which accumulated 162,000 views at the time of capture, was positioned in thirteenth place in terms of trends. For its part, “FRAUDE” which compiled 189,000 views, did not appear in the highlights of the platform. “Swear it doesn’t want to set us on trend?”, the producer laughed yellow on the social network. A few hours later, and while the clip has climbed to 250,000 views, it has still not been selected. Should we see a kind of preferential treatment from YouTube as some comments suggest?

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Amine Farsi published his project Farsi

YouTube trends are defined according to several criteria, the number of views being only one of those mentioned by the platform itself. She cites four others: the rate at which the number of views increases, where the views come from (including sources outside of YouTube), the age of the video and the performance of the video compared to previously uploaded videos. by the same channel. Amine Farsi’s channel has only 6,000 subscribers and two videos to its credit, compared to more than a million for Hatik and dozens of content.

Based on this assumption, it is likely that the YouTube algorithm will thus favor a more notorious channel, although the content has seen less success over the period determined. As the platform reminds us, “a video with more views than another will not necessarily be better ranked” in trends.

However, given the rapid exposure of Amine Farsi’s channel and the success of its content (his previous clip with The Risk recorded more than 400,000 views), it is likely that the producer will very quickly join the trends for these next ones. clips. bodes well for Farsi which stands out as one of the most attractive projects of the month of May.

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