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Ashito finally realizes that he still lacks a lot, and Ao Ashi Episode 9 will be Ashito’s next step to either find out what he’s missing or stay where he is now. We all have the habit of thinking that once we are a part of something, everything will go smoothly. But, later on, when the truth hits us right in the face, that’s when we realize how hard life can be. The same thing happened to Ashto after he joined the academy.

Having passion and willpower is a great thing. But basic knowledge and skills are also essential. With a big dream of becoming a professional, here Ashito struggles every day to find his way towards his goal. Will he be able to become a professional? This is for the future. But for now, we’re curious to see what happens next in Ao Ashi Episode 9.

Ashito reached a point where he had already set foot towards his target, far from his hometown, far from his family. Now, there is no turning back now! Well, Ashito isn’t planning on coming back either. But, to reach the top, he has to find what he’s missing soon. And to know what happens next in the upcoming episode 9 of Ao Ashi, we need to know when it will be released as well. So, without wasting any more seconds, let’s get right into it.

What happened so far? Episode 8 “Night Training” – Synopsis

In his first match with Al Shabab, after scoring one goal, Asheto stopped passing. Not because of jealousy but because of his inability to keep the ball to himself. During the match, Asheto realized that he could not understand the way his team was playing. Because all this time, he’s been playing with his own instinct and not with proper knowledge. The reason Nozomi-sensei was so confident that Ashito wouldn’t make it to the pros was because he noticed early on that Ashito lacked basic knowledge and skills.

All other players have been playing for years, practicing basic skills. How is Ashitou supposed to sharpen his basic skills in a short amount of time? After the match, Nagisa also gave him a hard reality check. But the reason Hana is so confident in Ashito is because she knows he’ll never give up on his dreams.

Ao Ashi Episode 9
Cruel reality check by Nagisa

While watching him train each night alone, his teammates Isaku Otomo and Soichiro Tachibana also began training with him to help him practice basic skills. But, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t execute “Kill it, then kick it,” as Nozomi-sensei told him to do. One night he felt like he was dragging Isaku and Soichiro down, so he decided to train alone. But, watching him desperately try to be better, Keiji Togashi, Ashito’s roommate, decides to help him.

Ao Ashi Episode 9
Ashito’s resolve!

What do you expect in Ao Ashi Episode 9?

Achito realized this very much that he could not win this on his own. This “football” game requires teamwork. Now that he’s in the corner, he’s doing his best to get out of the corner he’s been trapped in. And now, Keiji, who seemed like a self-obsessed man, is ready to help Ashito out. But will Achito help? Keiji may seem like a selfish guy, but we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, right? Who knows if he ended up helping Ashito. We know this a lot for sure, Ashito won’t give up. We have a lot of confidence in his trust.

Ao Ashi Episode 9
Will Keiji Achito help out?

They are roommates already. Who knows, they end up becoming close friends after getting to know each other. What if, what Ashito couldn’t understand in these many nights, Keiji might be able to teach him in one night? We’ll know everything for sure in the upcoming episode 9 of Ao Ashi.

Ao Ashi Episode 9: Release Date and Time

Ao Ashi Episode 9 will be released on Saturday, June 4, 2022. Let’s talk about timing now. Japanese fans will watch episode 9 of Ao Ashi at 18:25 Japanese Standard Time (JST). American fans will get this episode at 2:25 p.m. PT / 4:25 p.m. CT / 5:25 p.m. ET. And for Indian fans, Episode 9 of Ao Ashi will be available at 14:55 Indian Standard Time (IST).

Episode 9

The same episodes will be broadcast on Japanese local television network NHK E-Tele next Thursday at 19:20 JST.

Ao Ashi Episode 9 9 with subtitles – Online

All the latest episodes of Ao Ashi will premiere on Japan’s local television network, NHK E-Tele, every Saturday, and will be rebroadcast every Thursday. These new episodes will soon be available globally on various online platforms. And you can easily watch past and recent episodes of Ao Ashi on Crunchy Roll.

Ao Ashi Episode 9
Where can I watch “Ao Ashi” online?

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