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“Those are the nice things about doing well for others – it kind of raises everyone’s level a little bit, you know?”

Director Alex Garland is opening a new horror movie this weekend, titled Provocative men From the favorite indie movie A24. The film follows a woman named Harper, played by Jesse Buckley, who travels to the British countryside after a recent (if… Surreal trailer Is anything he’s going through, it’s her husband’s recent suicide.)

The film opens in theaters May 20, but critics who were able to catch the world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this week note that the film’s provocative theme isn’t just about its name. Polygon writer Tasha Robinson described the film, Garland’s third directorial outing, as “a thousand discussions waiting to happen.” Surprisingly enough, Garland told Polygon at the movie premiere that it was an anime The attack on the Giants Which prompted him to rethink his approach men.

So [Attack on Titan] Hovering in this strange space between something silly and something really scary. I was really really touched. And I thought, on some level, I’m too–too lazy, perhaps. I don’t know what the correct word is. But I’m not that good, and I have to get better. So that made me re-investigate men And rethink it. Those are the nice things about doing well for others – it kind of raises everyone’s level a little bit, you know?

Garland was introduced to The attack on the Giants from his daughter. However, although the anime series may have led extermination The director said to re-evaluate his latest film ribbed That there are no moments in men that revives or borrows directly from the anime series. Garland began working on the film’s script about 15 years ago and has edited and reworked it over time.

Garland previously wrote the zombie apocalypse movie after 28 days Psychological science fiction movie SunriseBoth star Cillian Murphy. Go out and write both ex machine And extermination Films was the supervisor of the story on DmC: Devil may cry Video game released in 2013.

source: ribbed (Tasha Robinson)

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