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Amazon Prime Video It’s a great place to look for a potential movie night pick. The platform has hundreds upon hundreds of movies and TV series, all available to either buy or rent. Some are even free to watch for Amazon Prime subscribers, including some recently released movies and timeless classics.

When it comes to great movies throughout history, few decades have as many useful classics as the ’80s. Those unfamiliar with filming this era can enjoy dozens of options on Amazon Prime Video. Even those who grew up in movie theaters in the ’80s will find some nostalgia in these picks.

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10 slayer dragon

This 1981 movie is a hallmark of the fantasy genre. Directed by Matthew Robbins, known for his work with directors such as Steven Spielberg and Guillermo del Toro, slayer dragon It was a controversial movie at the time. Although it was released by Disney, audiences were shocked by the amount of violence and nudity displayed in the film.

However, this movie definitely holds up according to fantasy experts. game of thrones Author George R. R. Martin considers it one of the best fantasy films of all time. However, the highlight of this movie is its score, which earned it an Academy Award nomination. Unfortunately, it has Fire vehicles.

9 Mr. Mom

Amazon Prime subscribers can check out Michael Keaton’s hack role for free on the platform. Prior to his iconic role as Tim Burton’s lead Batman From the movies, Keaton is best known for being a goofy comedian. He definitely shines in a movie like Mr. Momwho found Keaton playing a stay-at-home father in a parody of gender norms.

Concept Mr. Mom Sure, he’s old by 2022, but Keaton does a good job of selling the difficulty that comes with being a fish out of water. In addition, it is an interesting score in the filmography of John Hughes, who was known for teen plays such as breakfast club. The sequel series to the movie debuted on Vudu in 2019.

8 stop thinking

stop thinking It’s a rather unorthodox movie, given that it’s a concert movie for the famous New Wave band talking heads. However, it is a must watch for anyone who is a fan of David Byrne’s set. For non-Americans interested in the collection, luckily it’s available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

released in 1984, stop thinking It is an ambitious performance that includes many of the greatest hits to date. What sets her most apart is her lead singer, David Byrne, who can make anyone focus on their magnetic stage presence. In 2021, it was selected for preservation in the Library of Congress.

7 Rocky IV

There is a lot to say about an icon rocky The franchise, which debuted in 1976 from a script written by its star, Sylvester Stallone. Probably the second most popular entry Rocky IV, released in 1985, directed by Stallone. This is one of the biggest films of the ’80s, perfectly capturing the mood of the ongoing Cold War.

The film’s Rocky Balboa feat finds Stallone’s honor face to face with his most dangerous opponent to date: Soviet boxer Ivan Drago, played by Dolph Lundgren. The film was a box office success, and many critics attributed it to being blatant propaganda of the Cold War. However, it is hard not to be surprised by the patriotic spirit that appears in this film.

6 idea

There are not many successful films based on popular board games. But, idea, which was released in 1985, may be the exception. This comedy mystery was written and directed by Jonathan Lane and features a star-studded cast of ’80s icons. This representation includes names such as Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, and Elaine Brennan.

What’s also important about this movie is how true it is to the spirit of the board game it’s based on. when idea Released in 1985, the film was edited to have three possible endings that were randomly sent to theaters. The major releases, as on Amazon, feature all the endings in sequence, but nothing beats the excitement of seeing this at the time.

5 Pretty in pink

The second half of the ’80s saw John Hughes’ films really begin to pick up on the tone of the decade. It will be one of his best Pretty in pinkStarring Molly Ringwald, Hughes’ permanent collaborator. The film shows Ringwald playing Andy, a girl who falls in love with his childhood friend.

Aside from Ringwald, the movie also features an excellent supporting cast, including Jon Cryer, Annie Potts, and James Spader. It’s an excellent example of a movie written by Hughes that takes a simple introduction and gets it pumped with heart. Of course, most of that is thanks to Ringwald’s superb charismatic performance.

4 die hard

It can be difficult to reach a consensus on whether the first die hard The movie is a Christmas movie. Still, it’s easy to agree that it’s a definite late-80s movie. The film featured action movie star Bruce Willis, who until that point was known as Wise Detective Addison on the show moon light.

Her story is often the subject of books and screenwriting classes. Willis plays the now famous John McClain, the man who married on the rocks, who is given a chance to save him when his Christmas party is ambushed by terrorists. It also spawned a decades-old franchise franchise for Willis, with its most recent release appearing in 2013.

3 A fish called Wanda

By the time 1988 was launched, the comedy group known as Monty Python didn’t have much to prove. British comedians were a hallmark of pop culture in the 1970s with their show Monty Python Flying Circus. They only cemented their legacy with movies like Monty Python and the Holy Grail And Brian’s life.

A fish called Wanda Written by John Cleese, with a supporting role from fellow Python Michael Palin. It also featured an award-winning comedy role by screaming queen Jamie Lee Curtis. For those who love surreal comedic slapstick, A fish called Wanda It is a viewing staple, setting British comedy films for decades.

2 fatherhood

Steve Martin was a well-meaning movie star in the ’80s, and has continued to appear Saturday Night Live and movies like Planes, trains and cars. In 1989, Martin continued this streak with a role in fatherhoodDirected by Ron Howard. The film sees Martin as the patriarch of an extended family with some big co-stars.

Martin shines the most in this movie, but the cast is just as strong, with actors like Rick Moranis, Diane West, and Mary Steenburgen. Not only is it a classic comedy, but it’s also very honest. Even against some of Howard’s best films, fatherhood It is a timeless look at family dynamics.

1 dead poets community

When it comes to comedies, there is perhaps no star greater than Robin Williams. He was known for balancing gut-wrenching hysterical comedy with honest dedication to drama. One of his greatest films is this show dead poets communityin which Williams plays a funky boarding school English teacher.

Not only is this film a stepping stone to Ethan Hawke’s career, but it’s also a great showcase of Williams’ charisma as a leading man. It’s hard not to get emotional during the iconic ending scene. After Sir Williams Keating was expelled, his students protested “Oh, Captain, oh Captain!” They are standing at their desks.

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