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The best drawing software to use with iPad & Apple Pencil 2022

by Youssef

What is the Best Drawing software?

Adobe Photoshop CC is the best drawing software now in 2022, Just Like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After effects, and more. Photoshop CC is a part of Adobe cloud which is a popular group of applications specialized in design and contains all the features you can think about. People design Posters, logos, Website elements, and more things.

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What is the Best Drawing software?

Adobe Photoshop CC is the best drawing software now in 2022, Just Like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After effects, and more. Photoshop CC is a part of Adobe cloud which is a popular group of applications specialized in design and contains all the features you can think about. People design Posters, logos, Website elements, and more things.

Let’s find the best drawing software – If you have an iPad or tablet iPad with support for Apple Pencil, and you have a tablet like the iPad that supports Apple Pencil, one of the many ways to make use of this fantastic combination is to create using the top drawing apps available on the iPad. What could be better than an online sketchbook?! 

Best Drawing Apps: 

  • Procreate
  • Linea Sketch
  • Paper
  • Affinity Designer
  • Adobe Illustrator Draw
  • Adobe Photoshop Sketch
  • Sketch Club
  • Astropad Standard
  • Pixelmator
  • Adobe Fresco

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The best drawing software 

I’ll be honest — there’s no way I can be an amazing artist. or something like that, but because of my search over time and some experience I’ll help you and give you this experience in a min.

I don’t believe that I’m gifted enough in drawing.  

Best drawing software: Adobe Photoshop Sketch for iPad 

Photoshop Sketch provides you with the most valuable features of Photoshop for sketching, drawing, and painting. 

Practice indeed makes perfect, particularly in the case of something like drawing.  

With the most powerful iPad and best drawing software, not only will it feel like an actual sketchbook with a pencil. 

But it will also inspire you to continue making sketches and drawing.  

It’s a sign that you’ll become more proficient over time.  

Write Better with This drawing software 

Whatever your level of skill, whether professional or amateur. 

These are the top drawing software for the iPad that will allow you to let your imagination flow freely. 

Top drawing software for the iPad Procreate 


If you’re searching for the top and best drawing software for iPad that will take the cake, You can’t choose anything but Procreate.  

Procreate is among the most effective sketching and painting and drawing apps

You can purchase it for your iPad, designed specifically for professionals.  

It works flawlessly using Apple Pencil

In Procreate, you’ll get an exclusive set of tools like the dual-texture brushes and instantly responsive smudging tools to create the perfect work.  

If you’re not able to locate the right tool within Procreate that is suited to your needs, then you can make your own.  

The work you create within Procreate can be exported as PSD native .procreate transparency PNG multi-page PDF or web-friendly JPEG format files.  

Procreate can also play time-lapse videos, which means you can upload the file directly to your preferred streaming service. 

If the idea of Procreate is a bit daunting, be sure you read our tutorial on how to start using Procreate for some tips and tricks. 


Procreate is a powerful and unique tool for sketching, painting, and drawing.  

You can also design your customized tools. 

Best drawing apps on iPad Linea Sketch 


If you’re overwhelmed by the powerful features of Procreate. 

Linea Sketch is an alternative that is much easier to use, particularly for those who can’t always draw. 

Linea Sketch has an easy and user-friendly interface that provides users with many useful tools which work well using Apple Pencil.  

Additionally, it allows you to draw perfectly-formed circles, shapes, and lines for the most effective drawings.  

It also displays the colors that perfectly match your chosen color, and you don’t have to think about it on your own.  

It also allows split-screen, layers, and a lot more 

Linea Sketch 

Linea Sketch is a straightforward and intuitive drawing program for professionals and amateurs alike. 

The best drawing software for the iPad Paper by WeTransfer 

The Paper created by WeTransfer is an excellent choice. If you’re looking for something easy to use and affordable.  

With Paper, you can make multiple journals that can record your ideas and notes.  

There’s a variety of tools available in Paper, and it’s easy to use. 

In Paper the program, you’ll find six tools that are perfect for drawing, outlining, or even for writing.  

If you decide to sign up for one of the options, the Pro membership, which costs $ 8 for six months, or $11 for a year. 

You’ll have access to more tools such as diagrams collages, cut-and-fill, and collages.  

There’s also plenty of room to be creative in Paper because you can add several photos to your journal. 

And then cut and stick and fix without the need for complex layers. Paper lets you personalize your sketch journal as you’d like.  

Your journaling is synchronized across all devices as long as you’re enrolled in a Pro subscription. 

Although you’ll require a Pro subscription to make the most use of Paper, you have free essential tools. 

And it’s an excellent idea to try them before you commit.  

You’re comfortable with the basic features and don’t have to spend a dime. 

Paper by WeTransfer – best drawing software 

Make journals for drawing and sketching the way you like. 

The best drawing software apps for iPad Affinity Designer 

For those who want to create Vector graphics, Affinity Designer is simply one of the most effective alternatives to use for the iPad.  

Imagine it as a desktop application but transformed into a mobile-friendly experience. 

Affinity Designer is made to use metal and give you lightning-fast performance.  

If you move the canvas or zoom into or out, everything happens at a perfect 120fps, which is incredible.  

It also seamlessly integrates using Apple Pencil.  

Apple Pencil, taking advantage of tilt, pressure, and the sensitivity to angles.  

Additionally, that’s not even including the Apple Pencil means incredible accuracy. 

If you are required to work with vector images for marketing materials, websites, or designs for icons and concept art, Affinity Designer is an essential tool. 

Affinity Designer for iPad 

Affinity Designer is an excellent tool for vector graphics and is among the top apps for getting work done on the iPad. 

The top drawing applications for the iPad: Adobe Illustrator Draw 

We strongly suggest Affinity Designer, we get it, but it’s expensive.  

If you’re on a tight budget or prefer Adobe Creative Cloud. 

Then Adobe Illustrator Draw is another alternative for the best drawing software for iPad. 

Within Adobe Illustrator Draw, you can customize the brushes you can use to draw design, drawing, and stylizing.  

There are even many basic shape stencils that can be used to design your perfect circles, squares, French curves, polygons, and speech bubbles to create incredible comics.  

Adobe also lets you incorporate photos into your vector artwork to create incredible effects.  

All the canvas used in Adobe Illustrator Draw can go up to 8K resolution.  

This means you can print giant versions of your work for when you’d like to showcase it. 

The entire work is stored. All work can be stored in Adobe Creative Cloud, which offers the option of a free tier.  

But, you can also obtain another 20GB of storage within the Creative Cloud for just $2 per month, which isn’t enough to be considered a bargain.  

You’ll have access to your work on any device that has Adobe Illustrator, which includes Macs with Adobe Illustrator on them, because of Adobe Creative Cloud. 

Adobe Illustrator Draw 

Adobe Illustrator Draw can be ideal for vector graphics.  

It can be used in conjunction with Adobe’s Creative Cloud that means that there’s a no-cost version accessible. 

The best drawing software for iPad Adobe Photoshop Sketch 

If you’re not interested in vector drawing and sketching, you’ll find that Adobe Photoshop Sketch is the best option.  

It is focused more on traditional drawing and sketching and painting and not vector graphics. 

Within Adobe Photoshop Sketch, you’ll be able to use 24 built-in brushes that come with customizable dimensions and colors, as well as opacity and mixing settings.  

If you’re unable to find the appropriate application for your needs, it is possible to bring in Photoshop brush images directly to Sketch, and the possibilities are virtually endless.  

Similar to Draw, it is possible to mix photos with the drawing layers, and stencils are available to assist you in creating flawless curves, as well as the primary forms.  

A sketch can also be used up to 8K resolution. This means that your artwork can be printed in huge prints if you need to. 

As Photoshop Sketch can be found in Adobe, it is possible to save your work automatically to Your Creative Cloud account.  

If you’re looking for additional storage, you can purchase 20GB of storage at $2 per month. 

Top sketching apps for the iPad: Sketch Club 

The majority of premium drawing software we’ve reviewed up to now can be pretty expensive. 

However, Sketch Club is a bit less expensive but still offers a variety of great features, regardless of whether you’re an amateur or professional. 

The Sketch Club Sketch Club, you’ll find numerous brush tools, including blurring filling, procedurals, selection and smudging, text along with vector and text tools. 

There are tools for creating shapes with automatic ratio snapping that ensure that everything looks off. 

Sketch Club also has an integrated community that can be a great motivation source.  

The community offers everyday challenges and weekly contests and monthly events for groups, Annual awards, and many other activities.  

The tutorials are the best drawing software and great for anyone trying to improve their drawing abilities. 

Sketch Club 

Sketch Club is a highly low-cost drawing program that doesn’t compromise on features. 

The top drawing applications for the iPad: Astropad Standard 

Astropad isn’t just another of the top drawing apps for the iPad.  

It turns an iPad tablet into one to your Mac.  

This is an excellent option if you want to utilize your photo editors with your Mac. 

However, you prefer using your iPad to draw itself, Astropad lets you do precisely this!  

Imagine making your iPad a Wacom tablet with a pen.  

To enable Astropad to function correctly, you’ll need the no-cost Mac companion application. 

With Astropad, it’s possible to enjoy an authentic drawing experience on your iPad, and the result is instantly delivered on your Mac.  

It’s quick and keeps on top of your drawing at 60 FPS even when connected to an internet connection.  

Astropad can be used wirelessly or simply through USB to connect to your computer.  

It is flawlessly compatible with Apple Pencil and is extremely sensitive, just like you require it to draw precise drawings. 

The app may be expensive; however, it’s more affordable than buying an expensive Wacom tablet with an iPad or an iPad.  

It’s also an excellent alternative in case Sidecar does not suffice. 

Astropad Standard 

Astropad Standard transforms an iPad device into a Wacom-like drawing tablet that allows you to draw using your Mac. 

The top drawing apps on iPad: Pixelmator 

We also have Pixelmator, an excellent choice for people looking for a complete layer-based image editor.  

It’s excellent for editing photos and editing, but it’s also an incredible tool for drawing and painting. 

With over 100 brushes created by fellow artists, mind you, it is practically limitless with Pixelmator for sketching and drawing.  

The tools are made for different painting techniques, So the chances are that you’ll discover what you require.  

They can also reproduce the effects of wetness quite effectively, specifically for crayons and watercolors.  

Double-texture brushes also mean you’ll get the most details when you paint, as well as it is a lot of fun.  

Pixel brush is a lot of fun to use.  

Pixelmator is also compatible with layers, comes with an eyedropper color selection tool, and is designed to work with Apple Pencil. 

Pixelmator lets you save your photos in PSD, JPEG, PNG, and other formats.  

Your images can be shared through social networks or uploaded and then synced directly to your iCloud account to be accessible from any location. 

Best drawing software: Pixelmator 


Pixelmator is an image layer editor that can accomplish almost everything, from sketching to painting. 

Best drawing apps on iPad: Adobe Fresco: Draw & Paint 

Adobe Fresco can be described as a relatively new feature of the Adobe Graphics suite of the app. 

It’s the only one specifically designed for the iPad and the Apple Pencil.  

Fresco is perfect for those who love to draw professionally or just to have amusement. 

When you download Adobe Fresco, you can get an assortment of popular Photoshop brushes. 

As well vector brushes, in addition to the brand-new Live Brushes — all of them are intended to let you express yourself in the way you think suitable.  

Additionally, there are essential tools for illustrators: selection and masking options. 

While the user interface is flexible enough to adapt to your preferences and not the alternative.  

While you can utilize Adobe Fresco for free, additional features are available for purchase with a paid Creative Cloud account. 

To get a more thorough review of Adobe Fresco, make preferences,d Rebecca Spear’s Adobe Fresco review. 

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