Booba takes it out on Vald: “No one listens to you”


Booba lashed out at Vald on his Instagram account, pointing to his absence from the top 10 sales of the week.

Snep published its ranking of weekly album sales this Friday and, as often for Booba, this is an opportunity to highlight any shortcomings of its best enemies. After making fun of the first week of Dadju, yet in first place in the top 10 of the week, the author ofULTRA again tackled Vald, who was absent from the standings.

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Booba in Vald: “Cheater”

“If you’re the boss of the game with 74,000 sales in the first week, why is everyone who came out during the same period as you still in the top 10 and not you? Cheater”, he begins. And add curtly: “Nobody listens to you, you have zero hits”. Since the release of VBooba indeed accuses Vald of having “cheated” on his sales in the first week, where the artist had made a spectacular start, the best of the year so far.

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The two rappers had a lengthy argument on this subject via a series of stories by media interposed. For its part, Snep had also communicated on the case, after several publications by Vald who had put pressure on the union. They had regretted a manual recount of physical sales via the artist’s packs, specifying that the rules would be reviewed downstream. Vald had also justified his attacks.

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Almost three months after the release of V, Vald was in any case certified platinum with his fourth album. Since then, the artist has stopped responding to Booba who regularly continues his peaks, in addition to giving him an appointment at the Francofolies where the two artists are programmed. Also: Booba reacts to Sinik’s musical retirement.

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