Chris Rock performs a bit saying “Believe All Women, Except for Amber Heard”


Celebrities have been mostly quiet since Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard – who will star in the future. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom – I started. Unless you’re a famous comedian like Chris Rock.

There are so many details about this lawsuit that, from a celebrity’s point of view, it can be difficult to take a public stand on the issue. However, Rock has definitely taken a side in Depp vs. Heard, and while it was all for comedy, he definitely didn’t pull any punches when he spoke his mind on the subject.

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In his recent presentation ego death On tour, many thought Rock was going to talk about Will Smith slapping him for making fun of Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair at the Oscars. Instead, Rock blamed Heard for her actions during her marriage to Depp. More specifically, he roasted her for defecating on Depp’s side of their bed, noting how ‘crazy’ she had apparently heard from the act itself. “Believe all the women…except for Amber Heard,” said Rock. He went on to say that although Heard is attractive, there is no going back from this business alone. “What is the f*** she’s on? She’s *** in his bed! She’s fine, but she’s not OK. … She’s *** in his bed. Once you’re in someone’s bed, you’re guilty of everything. … What’s going on there?And they had a relationship distance which – which. It must be awesome. …I’ve been with some crazy ivy but I’m dealing with it. “

According to the LAD Bible, the crowd didn’t break Rock’s jokes about Heard, and she apparently broke out into laughter at his share of her antics. Rock’s latest routine makes it the first part he’s done without anyone coming to slap him over his notes since the Oscars. Jokes aside, the fact that no one objected to Rock’s words makes clear what the public thinks about the matter. Whether you’re Team Depp or Team Heard, there’s no denying that defecating in someone’s bed is a pretty rotten thing to do regardless of the intent behind it.

Rock’s lyrics also have a deeper meaning than just a joke. In the past several years, many women have come forward with courage about the various forms of abuse, abuse and harassment they have experienced at the hands of hated men. Awareness of how women are treated unfairly has increased, and no one is denying that this needs remediation. However, just because society faces this terrible trend as often as it can, it does not mean that there are no opportunists looking to exploit this narrative for personal gain. In the eyes of some, it is becoming more and more obvious, in this case, that Heard is one of those opportunists.

Exploiting narrative to elevate the world is nothing new in this day and age. This is exactly how Joseph McCarthy came to prominence in the 1950s. He exploited society’s fears of communism by organizing a witch-hunt of politicians who unfoundedly claimed to be communists. Even if it was eventually thwarted, it caused irreparable and unnecessary damage to many people’s lives at the height of its popularity. Returning to Heard, it is very likely that Depp abused her during their marriage, but more evidence emerges revealing that the abuse in their marriage was not at least one-sided.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom It will premiere in theaters on March 17, 2023.

source: LAD Bible

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