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Girls Planet 999 may have ended 6 months ago, but the show has managed to stay in the news nonetheless. “Girls Planet 999: The Girls Saga” was a survival show created by Mnet. Mnet has previously produced survival shows like Produce 101, Sixteen, I-Land, Street Woman Fighter, and many more. The shows brought us world famous idols and groups like TWICE, Wanna One, Enhypen and now Kep1er. Girls Planet 999 was launched with the aim of debuting a nine-member girl group, Kep1er. The concept of the show was global in nature. The contestants were then selected from South Korea, Japan and China.

The show had a rowdy 99 shortlisted finalists. Three groups were created with 33 riders in each. These were the K, C-Group, and J-Group. Group K was made up of 33 contestants from Korea. Group C had 33 participants from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. And J-Group had 33 Japanese competitors. The competition was no wonder for the final line-up of just nine members. The show split viewers as it aired itself. Many have already decided on their biases and expected certain members to debut. The show’s voting style has come under particular criticism. The show is over, and the final line-up is out, but fans continue to discuss how things might have been different if the vote distribution had been fair.

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Kep1er and its current members

Kep1er appeared with the final nine contestants. The group is named after the astronomer Johannes Kepler. Since the show name was Girls Planet, the name has been suggested in keeping with the astrological reference. Some of its members have been working in the K-Pop industry for a while now.

The members of the girl group are Chae Hyun, Bahihei, Yoo Jin, Da Eun, Young Eun, Yi Seo, Hikaru, Mashiro, and Xiaoting. There are 6 Korean members, 2 Japanese members, and 1 Chinese member.


Kep1er debuted on January 3, 2022 with his EP, “First Impact”. The title song “Wa Da Da” saw its first win within ten days of its release on Countdown M. The group was very well received, and the members are very well liked by fans as well. In addition, the girls are currently a part of Mnet’s reality show Queendom, where they compete with veterans like the Brave Girls, WJSN, and soloist Hyolyn.

Voting discrepancy between the weight of Korean and international voters on Girls Planet 999

Girls Planet has seen a variety of voting systems over the course of 12 episodes. In the first round itself, 45 participants were eliminated. Planet Top 9 was chosen by both mentors and viewers, and these members had the ability to switch their cells. The first voting period required voting for three cells. Planet 9 Summit was based on individual points.

After the show ended, Mnet released the votes each contestant got. Now, the thing is, the votes were split 50/50. Votes from South Korea had 50% weight, while votes from the rest of the countries, including China and Japan, were 50%. Thus, the votes of South Korean viewers carried more weight than those of international voters. Perhaps that’s why the majority of Korean members are in the group.

Although it is important to note that it was a Korean survival show, the group that debuted will be conducting their promotional activities within South Korea. This way, it’s only fair to have more Korean members. But Kep1er’s global appeal would have increased if more foreign racers were represented.

However, the show is over, and we have nine Kep1er members. But for the books only, let’s see what the order of the current members would have been or who the others would have drawn had the vote count been fair. It is interesting to note that some of the current members would have ranked higher even if the votes were counted equally and in favor of all contestants.

Let’s check the ratings of the members as well as the contestants who might be part of the first Kep1er group:

9. Chae Hyun: Kim Chae Hyun, who was ranked number one, wouldn’t actually be. 9 If the votes are counted differently.

Kim Chae Hyun

8. Hikaru: The member got 7th place in the finals. If it were the other way around, she would have finished eighth.


7. Su Ruiqui: Yaning could have also been part of the final line-up with 6th place instead of 12th as she currently does.

planet girls
so ruiqi

6. Fu Yaning: Yaning could also have been part of the final line-up with a sixth place finish, instead of finishing in 12th place as she currently does.

planet girls
Fu Yaning

5. Shen Xiaoting: Xiaoting finished 9th in the final lineup. However, her votes would have put her in fifth place.


4. Choi Eugene: Yujin was 3rd during the finals, but her votes put her in 4th place.

planet girls

3. Seo Young Eun: Young Ran should have been third. But because of the count, she was placed in fifth place.

planet girls
Young Eun

2. Sakamoto Mashiro: Mashiro should have been the second member of the squad. Instead, it was ranked eighth.

planet girls

1. Gorgeous kiss: Bahia was probably the one who had a lot of international fans. But she ended up taking second place, when she could have been the first in the lineup.


If these final votes are taken into account, Yang Ye Seo and Kim Da Yeon will not be part of Kep1er.

It’s a fact that most survival shows like Girls Planet have some kind of rules for voting that go against the real-time popularity of the contestant. It may seem unfair to some, but voting patterns are determined based on many criteria. It’s our choice to support it or not, but they were made with the big picture in mind.

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