Dance Dance Dancer Episode 8: Release Date and Preview


Dance Dance danseur Episode 8 Release date and time
Dance Dance Dancer Episode 8 Release date details

Dance Dance Danceur Episode 8 is the next in the series, and it’s set to be released next week. Just when you thought animation couldn’t be more diverse, we’ve got Mappa’s Dance Danseur anime about boys doing ballet. While the Japanese manga series Danseur was written and illustrated by George Asakura. The anime does well with its storytelling and animation. Fans of the show who participate in the ballet especially love the show and can’t get enough of it. No wonder people are always looking for release dates for the new episode of Dance Danseur.

If you’ve been wondering a lot about the release date of Dance Danseur Episode 8, this post will tell you everything. We will provide the preview, release time, and where to watch Episode 8 of Dance Dance Danseur as well in this post. Before we get into it, let’s take a quick look at what happened in the last episode.

Dance Dance Danceur Episode 7 Recap

Junpei and the other boys’ day continue at the summer school, where they aim to become the best ballerina. As usual, Junpei receives a proper reprimand from the teacher, wondering what the old lady had told him about being arrogant. Ballet teacher Junpei helps him to stretch his legs correctly. Since Junpei wants to know more about Ballet, he asks the teacher who first discovered ballet, and the teacher tells him that he can find everything about ballet in the book called “History of Ballet”. Yamato taunts him, “He’s King Louis XIV.” Then Kotobuki Yamato corrects about the history of ballet. Later he suggested that they go out to watch the ballet.

At first, Lu refused, saying that he would not see the Japanese performing ballet, and as soon as he learned that there would be a Russian male, he was excited. Thanks to Kotobuki, they got an S-class seat in the play. When the ballerina arrives on the stage, Junpei and Luo are fascinated by him. As the play ends, they both get up and cheer for him, which Kotobuki finds embarrassing. After leaving the play, Kotobuki Junpei mentions that there are students who also perform alongside the Russian Ballet. Kotobuki tells him why people join summer school so that they can get SS scholarship where they can also perform. This excites Junpei, and he begins to daydream about performing while in class.

Dance Dance Danceur Episode 7 Recap
Dance Dance Dancer Episode 7 screenshot

ballet dance fight

Meanwhile, Yamato finds Luau and Junpei’s reason for entering the summer school upset. Misaki also agrees with Yamato and tells them that it is not a place where they can have personal means. Yamato challenges them to ballet, where Junpei and Luou have to drop out of school if they lose. The fight begins with Yamato doing a double round, and the ladies are delighted with his performance. While Junpei plays one, Natsuki, one of the girls, completes Junpei’s stance while he’s doing the dance. Luou dazzles everyone with his ballet skills and surprises everyone and even Yamato himself to decide the match.

To show appreciation, Yamato treats everyone with a bowl of ramen. When Misaki tells them that a bowl of ramen contains 2,000 calories, everyone is horrified. Misaki suggests that they dance better on calories. At the end, the boys do a dance and talk about their dreams regarding the future of ballet.

Dance Dance Danceur Episode 8 Release Date

Dance Dance Danceur Episode 8 will be released on May 28, 2022. The episode will be titled “Oh, I Want To Do It Again!”. Whereas, the release time for Dance Dance Dancer Episode 8 is 1:25 AM JST (Japanese Standard Time). One of the stills in the preview showed Wu when he was very young and forced by his grandmother to perform ballet. We might see some dramatic stories about Luou and his grandmother. While Junpei is reading the history of the ballet book and next to him is a girl. Is he on a date? To find out, we’ll have until next Saturday.

Preview of Dance Dance Danceur Episode 8
Dance Dance Danceur Episode 8 Preview

Watch Dance Dance Danceur Episode 8 online

Fans around the world can watch the new episode of Dance Dance Danseur Crunchy Roll as soon as it is issued. Furthermore, the anime is also available in Spanish and Portuguese on Crunchyroll.

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