Dance Dance Dancer Episode 9 Release Date: I Want To Get Better, Too!


How competitive can life become? We’ll see that in Dance Dance Dance Episode 9 soon. Wanbai dances ballet so well that he begins to dream loudly. It’s only been a few months, and he’s already gaining popularity. But what about if after that? He’s been dancing for about ten years. So, why do people only root for Junpei then? Although Luou is better at it and has a higher chance of being successful, people are looking forward to watching Junpei take fame. People really love the underdogs. But that is not the only point here. This anime sure has a way of showing how life works in mysterious ways. And we’ll see more of a glimpse of it in the next episode 9 of Dance Danseur.

At some point, you all must have felt, like, that you were working hard at something but couldn’t achieve what you wanted and needed. You start to learn to live with it, but life messes with you when you see someone completely new on the same path, and yet they make it happen all at once. I hate that feeling, right? Well, if you do, this anime, especially the upcoming Dance Dance Dance Episode 9, will make it very relatable. So, without wasting any more minutes, let’s find out when we get to episode 9.

What happened so far? Episode 8 “Oh, I Want To Do It Again!!” – a summary

Chizuru-sensei discovers Junpei and Luou have gone to Oikawa’s ranks. Even after she refuses for them to go there, she pulls Junpei Luou there. It’s not that they want to train there. They just want to prove their point and get Oikawa to recognize them. But this time they will train with SS girls. Junpei had to train with Natsuki. And imagine what? Natsuki is the daughter of Oikawa. But soon they began to synchronize. They started dancing together. I felt Junpei was better than Miyako at syncing up with Natsuki. They got even closer while talking about the ballet video they watched recently.

dance dance danseur episode 9
Junpei syncs perfectly with Natsuki

But, there is something about Misaki that bothers us. What he did next might be good for Junpei, but it’s no good for Luou. There must be a hidden agenda, right? Luou has been dancing for over ten years now, yet Junpei is shining the spotlight. And now, Junpei took the girl Luou was leaning on. Sure, Junpei admires Miyako, but she was the only good thing in Luou’s life. And now I went with WenBay. What is Misaki’s play here?

dance dance danseur episode 9
Miyako confessed that she loves Junpei

What do you expect in Dance Dance Danseur Episode 9?

Misaki plays both Junpei and Luou for sure. The day he and Yamato challenged Junpei and Luou, seeing what Luou was capable of, he must have been thinking about getting Luou out of his way. At the restaurant, Misaki said he’s from a middle-class family, and ballet is the only way for him. So, getting Luou out of his way would definitely make his way easier. So, was that why he tried to ignite the spark of mistrust between Junpei and Luou? He knows Junpei likes Miyako, though he likes Miyako too. If Miyako starts dating Junpei, it will break Luou and he might get out of the way. Is this his play? seriously! If he thought that this would break Luou, he would surely be disappointed soon enough. Lou was suffering worse, and he survived.

Misaki pushes Luo out of his way with a cut to his heart

But, what we can say for sure is that the competition between Junpei and Luou will only get tougher. First, Junpei aims to do what Luou has been seeing for ten years, with a few months of training. As if he was trying to insult Luou’s hard work. And now he steals the girl that Luou loves. Things will definitely get hot. I can’t wait to see what happens in Episode 9 of Dance Dance Danseur.

Dance Dance danseur Episode 9 – Release date and time

In Japan, Dance Danceur Episode 9 will be released on Saturday, June 4, 2022. While, in the United States and India, Episode 9 will be released on Friday, June 3, 2022.

Now, let’s find out the timing of this episode which we will know. Japanese fans will watch the ninth episode of Dance Danseur at 01:25 Japanese Standard Time (JST). American fans will get this episode at 09:25 p.m. PT / 11:25 p.m. CT / 12:25 p.m. ET. And for Indian fans, Episode 9 Dance Dancer will be available at 21:55 Indian Standard Time (IST).

dance dance danseur episode 9
Episode 9

Watch Dance Dance Danceur Episode 9 online

The latest episodes of Dance Dance Dancer will be available for the first time on Japanese local television networks, such as MBS/TBS, BS and AT-X. But, soon these episodes will be available globally on various online platforms. You can easily watch previous and recent episodes of Dance Danceur on Crunchy Roll.

dance dance danseur episode 9
Where can you watch “Dance Dancer” online?

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