Disguised animation features for fans of Pokémon May and others in Journey Mode

A lot of Ash’s old friends have come back for Pokemon Journeys. Not only were the travel buddies, but old rivals, gym leaders, and champions also returned to the series for the first time in hundreds of episodes. To all of Ash’s friends out there TripsHowever, unfortunately, some of them have not yet been distinguished. This is where fan animations come in handy.

artist Lucas Thaddu He took it upon himself to move May and a few others from Hoenn in Trips artistic style. She hasn’t physically appeared in the anime since then diamonds and pearlsSo this was a good way to honor a fan-favorite travel companion. Here’s everything there is to know about Thaddo’s business.

The animation is a short two-second GIF. Her central focus is May dressed up from Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire. She turns to the camera while making the hand gesture of the camera frame, a common habit she has. Thadeu not only realizes how much people want to see May again but also what makes her so charming.

Besides May, there are a few familiar faces from Hoenn. First, there’s Mai’s little annoyance, Max. Not everyone likes Max, so it’s good to see that Thaddo has gone the extra mile by adding it for the sake of originality.

Behind Max are two of my Pokemon contest competitors, Drew and Harley. The former is elegantly sporting her bangs while the latter is kept away from the cross-camera and smiling. If these coordinators are featured in an episode of Trips , They will likely compete against May in a contest. It will be like the old days of advanced a series.

What’s really amazing about this fan animation is how well it fits into the current fourth opening of Trips. Not only is it in Trips Artistic style, but has words at the bottom of the shot. The only sign as informal is in the upper left corner; “Fan Animations” were written in Katakana and Lucas Thaddeo written in the Latin alphabet. Besides, GIF can fit seamlessly into the opening.

To prove how good Thadeu’s fans are, one of his fans, Ezequiel Montaña, posted a quick edit of the opening featuring his GIF. It was placed between the shots of Paul and Ash’s Greninja. The lyrics sync perfectly with the song. Another fan, ラ テ ィ , posted another version of this video with the latest version of the opening, which features Ash’s Lucario instead of Greninja. If no one knows any better, they might assume that the GIF was in fact part of the opening.

Unfortunately, there are people who are deceived by this mod. Several YouTubers posted Thadeu’s GIF announcing that it was a confirmation of May’s comeback. To make matters worse, some even posted more From Thadeu’s masked art that shows the interaction of May and Serena. As authentic as Thadeu’s art looks, none of it is official, nor does it confirm Mai’s return.

As for whether Mai will actually return, that’s another issue entirely. Her voice actress Kaori has been on an indefinite hiatus due to medical reasons. It’s great to see Mai in person again, she probably won’t be back anytime soon, nor will she be back in time Trips.

With that said, Thadeu’s art and animation should be appreciated for what they are. It’s a professional tribute to a much-loved character. Whether she came back for Trips Or not, fans will always have to refer to it.

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