Doctor is a new rose that may be from a parallel land

Russell T Davies started production Doctor from It’s a 60th anniversary special and has made some surprising announcements over the past couple of days. first came ad sex education Ncuti Gatwa as the 14th Doctor, then came the announcement of David Tennant’s return as the 10th Doctor alongside Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble. Davis announced, to start on Monday everyone HeartstuberJasmine Fini as the first companion of the Fourteenth Doctor named Rose.

At first, it seems odd that Davis will now reuse the icon’s name Doctor from Companion, Rose Tyler, played by Billy Piper between 2005 and 2008. However, Davies also elicits an explanation in the story for this creative decision by saying, “Life on Doctor from It becomes brighter and wilder, how can there be another rose? You’ll find out in 2023.” Of course, fans online talk about what this could mean, half of them Fans are speculating about Vinnie Rose She could actually be the daughter of ex-boyfriend Donna Noble and her husband, Sean Temple.

Another possible possibility is that Vinnie might be portraying a newer incarnation of Rose Tyler from a parallel universe, which would easily coincide with Davis’ more recent comments. It will also follow in the footsteps of Jodi Whitaker’s era Doctor from In continuing to open new grounds about the kinds of stories that can be told. While Piper’s Rose is easily a symbol of one generation of Doctor from Fans, Finney’s Rose could still be for a new generation of fans in a very different way.

As the first trans actress of color to play an iconic role alongside the first major black doctor, there are plenty of story possibilities that parallel universe theory readily opens. The first is the chance to explore Rose Tyler’s character in a whole new way, starting with the fact that parallel universes are now connected to her character. She was also the first companion of the first Davis era, who made her debut in the pilot episode of the first season “Rose”. So it would make sense for Davis to honor that fact by having her appear in his first episode as a returning fan.

Another aspect of Rose’s character that made her iconic is her romance with the Tenth Doctor. While she had been traveling with him since his ninth incarnation, she did not begin to take an interest in him until after he regenerated in his tenth incarnation. By the end of season two, “Doomsday,” she confesses her feelings for him after they are stranded on parallel ground.

After the sudden end of their relationship, Rose spent Season 4 on her way back to her original world to meet the Tenth Doctor. She accomplishes her goal, but is eventually sent back to her new home in the parallel universe to take care of a clone of the Tenth Doctor of the meta-human half-crisis. This is the Doctor’s version who ends up restoring Rose’s feelings completely, and who’s in Doctor from The comics end with her getting married and having a baby with her.

After the Doctor’s renewal, there were hints that he still had romantic feelings for Rose, most notably in the eleventh and thirteenth incarnations. In the Season 6 episode “Let’s Kill Hitler,” while the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) is dying inside the TARDIS after being poisoned by Melody Pond – a former incarnation of River Song – he asks the TARDIS to show him a hologram of someone he loves. The first photo he was shown was of Rose Tyler, which aroused feelings of guilt for him. He later went on to mention Rose again in “River Song’s Wedding”, but avoided talking about her again from that moment on.

The last time Rose got a mention was in the 2021 New Year’s Day Daleks Revolution, where her ex-boyfriend, Captain Jack Harkness, told the doctor’s 13th companion, Jasmine “Yaz” Khan, about his history with the Doctor. During that conversation, Jack mentioned Rose discreetly as a friend of the doctor who was partly responsible for his immortality. Most likely, Jack avoided sharing the full nature of the Doctor’s relationship with Rose to avoid hurting Yaz’s feelings.

The Thirteenth Doctor herself also avoided talking about Rose when she had an important conversation with Yaz about the possibility of a romantic relationship. Although it wasn’t clear to Yaz that the doctor alluded to her past romance with Rose when discussing the reasons why the relationship wasn’t possible, it was clear to the audience she was referring to when she said “sooner or later, he’s going to get hurt”.

With The Thirteenth Doctor set on regeneration for the upcoming special centenary, there’s a very good chance that Russell T. Davis will revisit the Doctor’s romance with Rose to appropriately close him in that previous relationship. While the last time the Doctor broke up with Rose left him feeling bitter and angry, encountering a new rose from another world may finally give him the opportunity to come to terms with his feelings in a way that really allows him to move on.

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