Doctor Strange 2’s Cool Four Pranks are the perfect callback


The Fantastic Four has finally arrived in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. somewhat. It takes place in a changing world where the heroic population undergoes a sharp and sudden decline in Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness. John Krasinski’s appearance as Reed Richards was one of the most pleasant surprises in the movie and the first on-screen sign that Marvel’s First Family is, in fact, on its way to the MCU.

and after The multiverse of madness still Dr. Gharib Film and director Sam Raimi notes this in both big and small ways. This includes a cryptic part of the dialogue about The Fantastic Four, not as a harbinger of things to come but as a reflection of Strange’s character. For starters, he is a music lover and has an encyclopedic knowledge of pop songs. It’s a sign of his casual arrogance in the beginning Dr. Gharib When he is tried in his operating room. Multiverse of madness He uses it as a quiet joke to draw attention from Mister Fantastic’s return to the movie’s hero.

Strange is a genius, which accounts for both his surgical brilliance and his rapid mastery of the mystical arts. He’s not above flaunting it either, as he did in the opening scenes of Dr. Gharib. His assistant plays music for him during a delicate brain surgery, presumably as a way to reduce stress. They’ve developed a game where he tries to woo Strange with each song selection, only to get the Strange Name for the song, composer, and year it was released. He proves it by citing the credits of the mysterious Chuck Mangyun hit from 1977, and needless to say, he’s characteristically smug about it.

The movie humiliates him shortly thereafter, and eventually matures into a supreme wizard. But neither his arrogance nor his encyclopedic knowledge of pop music left him. When the Illuminati, including Mr. Fantastic, are introduced into The multiverse of madness, the script just knows what to do. Of course, the team isn’t in the MCU yet, so Strange doesn’t have a previous association with superheroes by name.

So he turns to what he knows, which in this case is a 60s soul band. The Fantastic Four was a Detroit-based quartet that formed in 1965. They had only one song — “The Whole World Is a Stage,” which reached number 6 on the Billboard R&B Music Charts in 1967 — before being released It has to finish in 1970. They’re not particularly well known outside of musical circles now, but Strange goes right to them at the mention of Reed Richards’ name, which laughs a bit before the scene moves into more attention-grabbing territory.

This makes the muzzle easy to miss, but given the timing, it speaks volumes about more than just Strange’s love of music trivia. The Fantastic Four has long been assumed to be the crowning moment in Stage Four, with Krasinski repeatedly mentioned as a solid pick for Reed Richards’ pick. His appearance here is just a different form. As a member of the Illuminati, his ultimate purpose is to feed him to Wanda Maximov’s saw. Strange – his self-belief that he is more towering than ever – uses the musical cue to downplay the self-importance of the Illuminati in an attempt to get them to realize the scale of the threat before it is too late.

It’s also apt to refer to the Fantastic Four’s comic book debut in the 1960s, as well as being part of a larger ongoing joke in the MCU. Tony Stark referred to the Avengers as a “super-secret boy band” in iron man 2while Peter Parkers asked Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield if they were a band Spider-Man: There is no room for home. Bruce Banner even compared them to the Beatles when he heard they “break up” Avengers: Infinity War. In the case of Strange, the concept is more subjective, but the MCU still knows a good reference when you see it. The Fantastic Four riff has the advantage of giving Strange his moment in a movie with his name on the cover while at the same time smoothing Reed’s appearance to suit the needs of the moment.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is currently playing in theaters.

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