Doctor Strange 2’s most bizarre fight scene was filmed entirely during reshoots


Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, composer Danny Elfman discussed how the entirely unusual musical battle scene was performed in reshoots.

Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness Composer Danny Elfman explained the complex recording and shooting process of the unique musical battle between Doctor Strange and one of his alternates.

In the scene, the two wizards used machines to make magical weapons made of music, as they would blow each other powerful spells accompanied by appropriate epic rhythms. Talking to fandomElfman discusses how director Sam Raimi incorporated music into the fight scene. “The musical fight was too late in the match, and Sam was back in England to shoot for the second time,” Elfman explained. He revealed that the musical components of the fight’ were all done after the fact because they actually filmed it. And they were really good at creating the effects and I just had to follow them and try to make it sound like they could hear the music, even though they weren’t. There was a lot of experimenting with how it worked. that “.

When asked what it was like when Remy asked Elfman to combine elements of horror and superheroes in his music for the film, Elfman said, “Very cool! I really like working in both worlds. The big question he asked from the start is that obviously this is a love child.” , with equal DNA, for Sam Raimi and the Marvel Universe, and will Marvel fans allow it?”

The most famous collaboration between Remy and Elfman was in the works Spider Man, but they worked together in several films. Their first team was in the 90s dark mancame closest to The multiverse of madness. dark man It was a superhero movie with some horror elements, and Elfman noticed the similarities between working on it dark man And The multiverse of madness With Raimi, “I just felt like I was able to come back full circle a little bit with Sam. There’s a little bit of fun and dark horror that Sam was great at with Resurrection of Strange as dead Strange. Once I saw that, it’s like, ‘Oh my God, that’s it’ dark armySo dark man… “It just got that full, crazy quality, but at the same time, it’s a movie with a lot of heart.”

The multiverse of MaddenThe movie stands out for being the newest team of Raimi and Elfman in the Marvel superhero, but the movie has a few other distinctions, like being the scariest movie the MCU has attempted to date, causing controversy over Multiverse of madness PG-13 rating. Despite the rhetoric about its classification, Dr. Strange in The multiverse of madness It has proven commercially successful.

Directed by Sam Raimi, Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It is now in theaters.

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