Dr. Strange 2 writer talks about the potential secret wars story in the MCU


Doctor Strange 2 introduces the concept of incursions, and raises the possibility of a comic book story adaptation for Secret Wars.

Since it premiered in theaters around the world earlier this month, Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness Leave more than a few questions unanswered. In addition to multiple vignettes and loose ends, the film included the first mention of Incursions, a new idea that could drastically change the future of the Multiverse Saga in the MCU.

Incursions are an important concept in the MCU and refer to the moment when the timeline contracts for the multiverse. While it was mentioned briefly in Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness2015 comic book short series Secret wars It provides more information about their origins and the real consequences that incursions are having on the fabric of time. The fact that the movie decided to introduce the concept raises the possibility of a file Secret wars story.

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In a recent interview with Gizmodo, writer Michael Waldron addressed Marvel’s choice to include the idea of ​​incursions into Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness And what effects it might have on the epic. With no direct reference to an upcoming direct adaptation of Secret warsWaldron explained that previous Marvel Studios projects presented concepts and immediately teased what would happen next, such as Avengers He mentioned space as a means of predicting Thanos. “Well, I think it’s close to it in the way that once the MCU presented the idea of ​​space and going to space, they harassed Thanos almost immediately. There was ox. and then Avengers It was the first movie in which there was a threat from the stars. Here comes Thanos. Obviously, there was a big build up from there, Waldron said. So I think maybe I’ve always thought of the multiverse as kind of like, “Okay, this is space.” You know, once upon a time, the MCU left Earth and went to the stars, and now we’re going to the Multiverse. Well, we’ll see what happens to these raids. It’s bad news.”

Without giving away too much, it’s safe to say Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It’s a much darker movie than the movie that preceded it in 2016. Having a director like Sam Raimi – who returns to Marvel after 15 years – incorporate his terrifying background into the film was a bold move that finally paid off, Dr. Gharib 2 It grossed $187 million at the domestic box office in its opening weekend. The sequel also managed to do well with critics, although it got a lower score than Doctor Strange 1 on rotten tomatoes.

Critics and audiences alike praised the film’s visuals and performance. However, some people criticized Dr. Gharib 2Pace and its inability to convey complex concepts. However, the film did come with some much-needed risks that could affect upcoming MCU projects, such as the possibility of Secret wars story.

Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It is currently showing in theaters.

source: Gizmodo

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