Episode 30 “The Secret House”: Release Date and Preview


secret house
secret house

Ji Hwan receives a call from his mother and leaves the funeral home to trace the call. However, when he got home, he found out that all of their devices had been messed up by Tae Hyung. In episode 30 of The Secret House, he may meet his mother. While trying to restore his systems, he receives a call from an unknown number stating that they know his mother.

While Ji Hwan tries to track down his mother. Tae Hee is going to meet Seol’s doctor. I found out that she is a compatible donor and can give part of her liver to Sol. However, in order to do so, she must become her mother. Will Ji Hwan accept this offer?

What happened in the previous “Secret House” episodes so far?

In previous episodes of The Secret House, we have seen so far that a detective comes to meet Ji Hwan and tells him the bad news about his mother. After hearing that the police found Kyung Sun’s body, Ji Hwan is saddened by the reality. He insists on the fact that Tae Hyung killed his mother. After celebrating their victory, Sook Jin and Tae Hyung returned to the office. However, their cheerful morning turns into a terrifying morning as Ji Hwan tries to run over Tae Hyung with his car.

He does this just to make him understand how scared his mother is. Then he started hitting him. Finally, he is arrested for assault and facing losing his license. However, Sook Jin and Tae Hyung let him go and decided not to press charges. In episode 30 of The Secret House, they may be planning to use this incident as an opportunity for Tae Hyung’s campaign. Even after that, Ji Hwan doesn’t give up and invites reporters to expose the truth about Tae Hyung. Before he could do that, Seok Jin stopped him using Seol as a horse.

Secret House Episode 30
Secret House Episode 30

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Kyung Sun is still alive

After the reporters arrived, Ji Hwan decided to reveal the truth. However, when he receives a call, he immediately leaves the funeral to go home. Seok Jin thinks it’s because of Mister Yang’s call on her behalf, but it’s because of Kyung Sun. Ji Hwan’s mother called him and told him that they should go to Jeju Island on their trip. This jogs his memory and hurries to find his mother. When he got home he found out that Tae Hyung had messed up all their devices. However, he does not lose his motivation and keeps up with his plan.

Preview of “The Secret House” Episode 30

Tae Hee saw her mother in horrific circumstances nine years ago. Also, she had blood on her coat and tried to burn it. However, Tae Hyung saved the coat thinking that it would benefit her one day. In episode 30 of The Secret House, Tae Hee is very determined to prove her love for Ji Hwan. This is the reason why she is trying to uncover the truth behind that terrible night. After that, she goes to the doctor to get her results. She found out that she was a suitable donor to Seol and could help her if she became a family.

Secret House ep 30 (1)
Secret House ep 30 (1)

What is the release date of Episode 30 “The Secret House”?

The release date for Episode 30 of The Secret House is May 20, 2022. While Ji Hwan and Joo Hong try to discover the call they received, Sol disappears. She left a message for Joo Hong’s mother saying that she was going to meet her aunt. However, when I got to the department store that Min-Young used to work in, I was disappointed. Ji Hwan and Joo Hong track her down and bring her home. However, there is a bigger problem like Sol. He has a fever. Now Ji Hwan has to take her to the hospital where she is waiting for Tae Hee to help her.

Watch episode 30 of The Secret House

The South Korean drama The Secret House is a television channel broadcast by MBC. South Korean citizens can watch episode 30 of The Secret House on the official channel, and for global fans there is no official website to watch episode 30 of The Secret House. So, for all the details of The Secret House episodes, stay tuned to Otakukart.

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