Final Fantasy 12’s impact on the franchise is greater than it seems


Final Fantasy 12 Released back in 2006 to commercial and critical acclaim, it has won multiple Game of the Year awards and received special acclaim for its innovative combat system, graphics, music, and sound. The game was particularly praised for modernizing the franchise and moving away from established JRPG paradigms, providing something new and innovative that resonated with franchise players. Final Fantasy 12 He sought to revolutionize the franchise rather than revamp it – and his influence is still felt today through his legacy in the games that followed.

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no Final Fantasy The game is ever equal in the eyes of fans. There are millions of gamers out there who are always either new to the franchise, or those with an intense nostalgia and fan base for every game that comes out. come from in the wake Final Fantasy 10which is also a well-acclaimed game, Final Fantasy 12 It represents a quantum leap compared to its predecessor. So many changes were made to the traditional formula that it split a few, but impressed so many – so much so that Square Enix seems to have taken on a legacy Final Fantasy 12 I used it as a baseline for the conversation Final Fantasy Games released since then.

Ivalice’s world

FF12Its effect on speech Final Fantasy The franchise begins with how it develops a sprawling semi-open world, as opposed to what have usually been the linear and straight paths of a franchise. Leaving a more exclusive cinematic world Final Fantasy XThe world of Ivalice was a complete change of direction when evaluating player agency aligned with world building and art style. FF12Ivalice’s Game of Thrones was a technological breakthrough for the time, with a variety of unique biomes, cities, paths, and dungeons to explore and interact with across the many hours of gameplay.

A medieval art style supported the world of Ivalice and a story that delved into serious topics rather than the more grotesque themes of its predecessors – political intrigue, corruption and religion, all made this much more serious Final Fantasy From previous franchise entries. All these elements combined played for one of FF12Greatest Strengths – The characters in the player’s party. Regardless of the complaints about Van, presenting such a diverse set of characters, all with unique backgrounds, motivations, and personal quests, made Evalis more livable.

With a stellar artistic direction, great music, and a semi-open world that compliments it, FF12 Felt like living in – Civilians roam different cities with architecture, detailed and unique materials for weapons and armor, weather effects, and more. This level of detail has been admired by many and has been applied to games that were developed long after their release. Final Fantasy 15Featuring a sprawling open world praised for its great attention to detail and art style, it offered a tremendous amount of variety when players played the main story – echoing where FF12 took players. even in Final Fantasy 13which was originally criticized for its linear approach, opened up more than one open world in the latter half of the game along the lines of FF12.

Enemy Encounters in Final Fantasy 12

Next to the open world, FF12 Introduced a completely new enemy counter system. Except for the MMO Final Fantasy 11And FF12 It was the first entry into the main franchise of Final Fantasy Games to completely ignore random enemy encounters. Players could now see whatever enemy they were about to encounter (except for some boss battles from the main story) in the other world, and for the first time, players had the agency to either engage them or avoid them altogether. Besides the sprawling open world, players can see the monsters that have been patrolling the areas, providing unique opportunities to play. Players also knew what they were getting into before the fight started, which led to a more interesting combat system that also felt fairer.

Since this introduction in FF12Every game in the franchise now includes non-random matches. from Final Fantasy 13 to me Final Fantasy 7 RemakeEvery new game in the franchise has followed the foundations it had originally created FF12. Final Fantasy 15 Taking this to a whole new level, players were able to see massive monsters across vast distances which impressed players and reviewers alike for their sense of size and world-building – similar to seeing big optional bosses roaming areas FF12.

Final Fantasy 12’s maneuvering system

Another innovation was the Gambit system, which enabled the player to program each character in battle to perform certain tasks in response to specific conditions. If a character’s health drops below 30%, you may have a maneuver in place for another character to heal that character without entering a command. If the enemy has 100% health, another maneuver will direct the character to use a specific magic. While the system was complex to learn, it allowed for a huge amount of variety when approaching encounters. FF12 Especially difficult where having the right competitions can be a win or a loss.

Once again, this system has been buried in various forms in the franchise. Final Fantasy 15 Use the maneuvering system as the basis for the “Trust System” – a mechanic that will bring story characters and online players together. The combination of the open world and a modern MMO-like approach to combat changed the franchise forever, and even influenced other games like Dragon Age And pillars of eternity.

Legacy of Final Fantasy 12

FF12 It was a game way ahead of its time. The open world, real-time combat, maneuvering system, and non-linear gameplay emulate those of more Western RPGs but still retain their JRPG roots. Final Fantasy 13And FF7 remake, And FF15 They all use several systems that FF12 Created for the franchise, using everything from MMO gameplay to more accurate and interesting storytelling approaches. The game is still very popular, especially with the release of zodiac age A version for current generation consoles, which shows how much gamers love the game even though there are many games that follow.

Upon release, some fans thought the inclusion of a sprawling open world was a step too far, with the license plate offering extremely free and the Active Dimension Battle system overly complex. However, players can now see the DNA of FF12 in every Final Fantasy The game in the franchise, standardizing and building on its systems to create deeper and more interesting approaches to the traditional Final Fantasy equation. But FF12 It should perhaps be remembered that it has had an impact on open world games in general; Continuing to stand the test of time, with the release zodiac age Remaster proves its influence on genre to this day.

Final Fantasy 12: Era of the Zodiac Available on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

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