his return becomes clearer with a new explicit image


A photo of Nekfeu and Doums on the set of a clip was unveiled this Saturday. It is clear for the rapper.

It becomes more and more concrete for Nekfeu. The artist was spotted with Doums on the set of a clip relayed by the Greaser Import page, which rents American vehicles in Saumur. Published this Saturday, the snapshot would have been captured the day before, and confirms that something is definitely happening on the side of Nekfeu. As her attire suggests, the music video should be inspired by the film. Las Vegas Paranoid.

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Nekfeu: only one day left before the answers

In addition, Nekfeu wears almost the same outfit as Johnny Depp in the clip, with his bob, his colored glasses and his flower shirt. We notice that the two other people in the car, probably actors, also seem inspired by the film, in particular the pilot, dressed like Benicio Del Toro in the feature film.

It now remains to understand the framework of this new clip because, for a few days, the elements have been adding up without necessarily offering more visibility. While rumors almost officially announced a return of the S-Crew, led by a large-scale poster campaign, we find this Saturday Nekfeu in the company of Doums without any trace of the members of the collective. After the disturbing message from the author of Pilot on Twitter this Friday, this is all getting intriguing.

More visibility should be available this Sunday, when the countdown initiated by the Seine Zoo site will end at 10:22 p.m. As a reminder, another deadline is scheduled the next day at noon. In the meantime, find out everything you need to know about the probable return of Nekfeu and the S-Crew.

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