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Every now and then, the show quietly comes on and then turns into a cultural phenomenon, despite the apparent lack of promotion. Our knowledge means deathHBO Max’s new comedy about 18th century pirates, is exactly that. The show follows Stede Bonnet, a wealthy landowner who left his lavish life behind in search of adventure on the high seas…in the form of piracy. The story really begins when he crosses paths with the notorious pirate Blackbeard, and both men discover they have something to learn from each other.

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The show is basically a comedy and packs a hilarious punch in terms of verbal, physical and situational comedy. However, while some of today’s comedy shows may try to take a sharp or cynical route and focus on a more cynical style, Our knowledge means death He is incredibly honest and real. Sarcasm definitely has its place in comedy, but Our knowledge means death It is a breath of fresh air because it has a lot of heart, which makes it stand out from other shows in this genre and is one of the main reasons why it is so loved by fans.

The show became a hit online, gaining steady viewership and skyrocketing fandom with the airing of the final episodes. This was in part due to the romantic element of the show, as people learned that the show had canonical LGBTQ+ representation and wasn’t just using the queerbaiting tactics that many other shows tend to employ. The show’s humor and positive representation of different ethnic groups and sexual orientations attracted a lot of viewers, and much about the industry says that these elements are considered rare, especially found all together in one show.

Our knowledge means death He is very honest in his dealings with his characters and their stories. Stede is a silly character by all accounts, but the show never seems to laugh at him. Instead, the audience sympathizes with his inner struggle and gravitates toward his side of the story, to the point where he agonizes when other characters mock his outlandish ways. On the other side of things, Blackbeard is handled with subtle intricacy, and it’s not just a ferocious killing machine. In many ways, Blackbeard is the heart of the show, in part due to Taika Waititi’s impressive performance, but also because the story often focuses on his softness and the ways in which he resents the image of Blackbeard.

The side characters are also handled carefully. While many of them are totally silly or don’t get much screen time, they all manage to feel like full characters with a rich inner life that has yet to be explored. Easy Hands, a hostile force constantly trying to bring out the dark side of Blackbeard and keep it away from Stede, isn’t just a one-dimensional villain; In fact, he is one of the most amazing characters. The fan base surrounding the show has captured a lot of these characters even though they are not the main characters, which shows how effective and subtle the writing around them is.

Our knowledge means death It also deviates from a lot of media in the hacking genre because it doesn’t celebrate the violence and destruction that are often common in those stories. What makes Stede and his crew different and likable is that they value things like theater, and talk about their issues as a crew rather than just resorting to violence or anger. Blackbeard actively struggles with his past actions and fears that he is not a good person. The show doesn’t assume that people are basically bad or that hacking will bring out their worst instincts. Instead, she sees her characters as good people who simply do their best to live their real lives.

humor in Our knowledge means death Never worry, unlike a lot of other comedy shows. Sure, he doesn’t shy away from a dirty joke or two, and there’s a healthy dose of swearing in the text, but he never feels like he’s doing anything to shock or be overly irritable. He does not make jokes at the expense of the marginalized, and instead often makes the British colonists the subject of ridicule. Issues like racism and toxic masculinity come into play and are entirely part of the show’s world (it’s not an idealistic ideal or a story blinded by race), but she is critical of these issues and actively seeks to present characters in the story that go against those societal expectations in a positive way.

There is tenderness and tenderness to a lot of the dramatic scenes, and there is a lot of heart to be seen in the writing of the characters and plot. The satirical comedy storytelling is well and well, but it’s so refreshing to see a series with a warm, true world view, while also not being afraid to dive into those heavier and deeper elements of the story. HBO Max hasn’t renewed the show for another season, despite huge fan outcry, but when it does finally turn green, the creators would be wise to keep the show’s tone consistent, and never lose an element of fidelity.

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