How do you play Doctor Strange?

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order It has a huge list of heroes designed to help the player progress through the difficulty of the game is not simple. One of these is Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme, who has been involved in the game since its launch and plays a key role in the later stages of the main story.

One of the most successful aspects Absolute Alliance The series is its ability to make players feel like the superhero they are controlling. Doctor Strange is no exception to the rule, it plays just as expected of a cast factor with a variety of spells and spells. Although the developers have done a great job of replicating the character, players may find that this character lacks the power they expect when placed in the context of both the comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

How to open Doctor Strange in MUA3

Like many of his compatriots on the roster, Doctor Strange is unlocked during the game’s story. Specifically, defeating the possessed version of it in Chapter 6 will unlock the Standard Edition for use during the progression of the story and Infinity Rifts.

She discovers trying to widen the rift under Dormammu’s control, and it’s one of the most challenging battles that the main narrative has to offer. The fight itself comes in two stages, with the second essentially providing a re-ordered version of the first. Other than dribbling to avoid his overly powerful attacks, keep an eye on his shielding ability. In addition, stuns are very useful for opening windows to attack.

Doctor Strange Abilities

Flames of the Faltine is arguably Doctor Strange’s best ability, as it’s a powerful multi-target damage option. She has the Ethereal Mark and her damage rated A. Stagger is low at point D, so using another character to stagger first before attacking with Flames is a good idea. He can also add the fire element to alliance attacks at higher ranks.

Crimson Bands of Cyttorak is another magical attack that shoots tendrils to bind enemies together and in place. Oddly enough, it’s marked as melee, but it remains a valuable useful skill that can lessen the effect of the fact that Flames of the Faltine root Strange in place.

The Wattomb Wind is a guiding ability that works to heal those at the wheel. Unfortunately, there are two significant problems that make it an ineffective option for recovery. First, it simply doesn’t restore enough health to make it root-worthy and the potential damage Dr. Strange will do. Second, it does not heal the user, which makes them weak.

Finally, Bolts of Balthakk are a two-way molded beam with a power-cast swivel in a full 360 degree radius. Although the overall damage is a bit frustrating, its vast area of ​​effect makes it a useful skill for getting rid of large mobs. Before using it, it is recommended to use Crimson Bands, as this ability also rootes Strange and makes him vulnerable to crowd control.

Dr. Strange character building and gameplay suggestions

As many of its capabilities indicate, Doctor Strange is intended for use as a miscellaneous support. To position Strange as a valuable team member who can hold their own in terms of damage, ISO-8 orange is the way to go. Introducing an increased Critical Chance and damage to abilities with the Ethereal Mark (which both base damage abilities are included in) increases your mastery level overall. In addition, ISO-8 purple is a good choice for enhancing Strange’s ability range. Increases damage and overall critical chance, adding a nice extra layer of bonus to use in addition to the orange.

Pairing Doctor Strange with team members who collaborate well is also a great way to increase his usefulness, and characters like Drax and Mrs. Marvel are great choices here. For those looking to do something a little different, the additional ISO-8 orange crowd control buffs should work well with Crimson Bands.

Overall, though, Dr. Strange suffers from the fact that the Scarlet Witch can do his part better than he can, as her treatment also works on both the caster and the set. Additionally, while Flames of the Faltine is a good destructive ability, there isn’t enough to justify including Strange on its own. However, placing him with another swaying hero makes him more viable and helps reduce the negative effects of abilities that restrict his movement.

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