How to draw a cat out of the word cat

How to draw a cat out of the word cat? There are 6 steps you need to follow it may take just 2 minutes of drawing and you don’t need to be good at drawing to do that it’s simple so let’s start. Take a pencil, paper, and an eraser.

How to draw a cat out of the word Cat?

Step 1) Write the word Cat First.

How to draw a cat

Take the paper and write the word cat“.

Step 2) Draw the head.

How to draw the word cat

Draw the head. In the top of the word (t) draw a circle not too big and not too small.

Step 3) Sketch the cat eyes, nose, and mouth.

How to draw a cat

Draw the nose by painting a triangle and color it, next draw the mouth it is easy. Then draw eyes.

Step 4) Draw the cat’s ears

How to draw a cat out of the word cat

Sketch cat ears. In the top of the head paint a triangle inside it other one but make it small, then do the same with the other ear.

Step 5) Draw cat legs

How to draw a cat out of the word cat

Draw 2 legs, try to make them similar to each other as much as you can, because you will find it hard to do but just try.

Step 6) Sketch cat’s tail and body.

the word cat

Draw the tail of the cat by drawing the letter c inside the letter c 🙂 and finish the body.

Draw the third and the last leg then congratulation you have finished you drawing.

This is all I have for you today Thank you if you found this post useful please tell me in comments, and if you have any advice for me please feel free to tell me.

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