How to draw anime

How to draw anime
How to draw anime

Anime drawing education

How to draw Anime. The anime first appeared in 1971 in America and Europe, and soon spread to all countries of the world, but Japan, in particular, was able to adopt this new method of drawing, developing and transforming it into many artistic works in the form of animation that managed to attract all peoples of all ages And races, and drawing anime depends on a set of simple rules that help in the accuracy of drawing, which is easy to learn for drawing enthusiasts, and below is an explanation of the main steps of anime drawing.

How to draw Anime eyes
Eye drawing


  •      pencil.
  •      White striped paper.
  •      Ruler.
  •      Table.

How to draw anime

How to draw Anime
Anime Drawing

Here is a careful explanation of how to draw an anime girl, with the ability to make simple changes to the drawing to turn her into a boy, and leave it open as desired by the painter.

  • The beginning is by drawing a semicircle in the middle of the paper, making the opening of the semicircle towards the bottom, and it is not required that the semicircle be perfect or accurate.
  • With a ruler, two vertical and horizontal lines intersecting in the middle are drawn in the middle of the semicircle, as these two lines help to draw the contours of the face.

“Begin by drawing the chin from the extension point of the end of the semicircle with the horizontal line, then go diagonally towards the vertical line from the ends of the semicircle.”

Draw anime
  • As for the features of the face, such as the eyes, they are drawn by planning two oval shapes above the horizontal line, so that each shape is drawn on one side of the semicircle, taking into account taking equal dimensions and distances for both eyes from the lines surrounding them.
  •  The ears are drawn on the outer sides of the semicircle, bearing in mind that the top of the ear is at the same level with the highest angle of the tilt of the semicircle, and that the lowest point of the ear touches the extension of the horizontal line outside the semicircle.
  •  Begin to complete the drawing of the eyes, such as eyebrows, eyelashes and pupils, taking into account that there is a match in the way each of them is drawn in both eyes.
  • Drawing the upper torso from the body is by starting to draw the neck, by drawing two short lines that start at the end of the chin, then drawing the shoulders with two short horizontal lines, then drawing the upper torso by drawing two vertical lines towards the bottom from the end of both shoulders, and connecting them with a horizontal line In order to close the upper trunk region of the anime.
  •  Both legs are drawn so that they are identical in shape, making the upper part wider than the rest of the legs, and the emergence of the location of the knee by drawing it arched, with the completion of drawing the feet.
  •  Drawing the arm is by drawing curved lines in the shoulder area, then defining the arm downward, creating curvature of the elbow and completing the drawing of the arms, hands and fingers. Drawing clothes, the painter can choose to draw whatever clothes he wants on the body of the anime, with the need to take into account details, such as bending the waist and thighs, and adding buttons to clothes.
  •  Drawing the hair, drawing the hair by starting to draw the front of the hair in the forehead area in the form of sharp-angle triangles, then drawing the hair in the form of drop or wavy lines on both sides of the anime head, until the hair reaches the desired length.
Draw anime
Anime Manga Drawing

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