How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Chapter 36: Release Date and Spoilers


How to Hide the Emperor's Child Chapter 36

Everyone has been waiting for How To Hide The Emperor’s Child Chapter 36, so we’re excited to share everything we know about it! How To Hide The Emperor’s Child is a Korean manhwa based on a web novel written by Lee Yeon-sun and then created by Yooani as a manhwa. How To Hide The Emperor’s Child has been praised for its beautiful art style and well-rounded characters, and Astelle, the female lead, has been praised by fans of the series for being highly intelligent and calculating. It was released in 2020 and is still running today, with a total of 188 chapters released. However, the manhwa has not caught up and is only present in Chapter 35 so far.

The plot revolves around Estelle, the one-day Empress of the Empire, who secretly left court when she divorced Emperor Kaizen: she was pregnant with his child.

Six years later, Estelle and her son lead a quiet life in the countryside when the Imperial Guard arrives. Kaizen needs Estelle’s permission to seize the important Milen lands. As the Empire continues to falter from rebellion, Astell must decide whether she can hide her son’s identity from these hostile forces, and most importantly, from his father, the Emperor.

Sirbel and Astell

What happened in the previous chapter?

In chapter 35, the first panel shows Serbel Von Ecklen, the captain of the Lanberg Knights, asking Astelle for a dance, to which she replies that she doesn’t know how to dance. Suddenly, Kaizen appeared from behind and asked Estelle about her first dance, but she also refused the Emperor, shocking everyone.

Estelle explains that it’s been a long time at the ball, and she’ll definitely be rude to Kaizen during the dance because of her rusty skills. The emperor seemed upset and asked Estelle if he had asked for her seriously, and she agreed, and they both began their dance.

As they dance, Estelle remembers the times when she devoted herself entirely to the practice of dance, to be elegant and beautiful, and how she perfected each gesture so that her feet would bleed only for the emperor. Kaizen stated that she is a very good dancer, which Astell remembers, she always wanted to hear those words as before Kaizen never attended balls because of his hatred for her.

The manga shows the contrast between Estelle, who once danced alone, and Estelle, who now dances with the Emperor. Somehow, the shooting isn’t cheerful, and Estelle seems bleak when Kaizen complements her. It is meant to depict that although she fulfills the dream she once dreamed of, she is unhappy due to the circumstances under which it was fulfilled. She now lives a luxurious life, but is sad because this life has been imposed on her, so that even the compliment that she has wanted to listen to for so long does not make her forget under any pretense she pretends to be here.

Astell decided that this was the moment when she would make her great request to the Emperor because everyone’s attention was on them. She descends at his feet and explains how her grandfather, Marquis Kallenberg, fell ill due to the long journey he had taken to see her, and, thanks to Kaizen, recovered a little. There is a hum among the crowd who question the health of the Marquis. Estelle then begs the emperor to allow her grandfather and young nephew to return first. The audience wonders whether or not Kaizen will allow this request, and the last panel of the chapter ends with Kaizen’s angry-looking face.

acetyl begging kaizen

How to Hide Child of the Emperor Chapter 36 Release Date

Given that Manhwa was released for the first time in Korea, the chapter release schedule cannot be reached. However, according to the version of the English translation of the chapters, it’s happening in about a week or eight days, since Chapter 35 was released on May 12, and it is speculation that How To Hide The Emperor’s Child Chapter 36 will be released in May 19 or 202022.

Where do you read How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Chapter 36?

As for the novel, there are 188 chapters, so you can be ahead of the manga series if you wish. To be able to keep up with the novel, you can go to the novel’s web page on Naver, a Korean search engine.

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