How to watch Ace vs Ace: Season 7 Online?


Where to watch Ace vs Ace Season 7 Watch the episodes
Where can you watch episodes of the series Ace vs Ace Season 7?

Even after its completion, many fans are searching for a way to watch episodes of Ace vs Ace: Season 7 online. After all, there is no doubt that Ace vs Ace is one of the best and most entertaining variety of comedy shows. Although it was divided into different seasons, the show nicely showed different themes and concepts that made the viewers laugh. And we must thank the hosts and contestants who participated each week.

Ace vs Ace is a unique comedy competition show. It has 12 episodes. We must have seen a lot of comedy TV shows, but we weren’t so focused on the historical concept. After all, it’s hard to break through the rigid subject of history to turn it into a comedic skit. However, Ace vs Ace has done a great job over the past seven seasons. It is a survival comedy show that welcomes different faces from all over the entertainment industry. It makes fans more excited for every upcoming episode.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many fans want to watch episodes of Ace vs Ace: Season 7 online. Also, it should be on your watch list if you are a fan of comedy variety shows!

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Ace vs Ace hosts season 7

As expected, the episodes of Ace vs Ace: Season 7 are hosted by six MCs, Shen Tao, Song Ya Xuan, Shen Tang, Hua Chen Yu, Guan Xiao Tong, and Jian Ling. Shen Tao is a Chinese actor and host. He is well known among Ace vs Ace fans. Song Ya Xuan is everyone’s favorite MC. He is also a member of the boy group TNT (Teens in Times). While dealing with his singing career, Song Ya Xuan did a great job as a host.

Where to watch Ace vs Ace Season 7 Watch the episodes

Meanwhile, Shen Teng is a Chinese actor and comedian, and Hua Qin Yu is a singer and songwriter. Guan Xiao Tong is an actress who shows her charm by impeccably hosting the show. Finally, Jia Ling is a Chinese comedian, xiangsheng entertainer, and actress who is the backbone of these diverse shows. Therefore, the six together make up a perfect team of hosts!

What is the offer of Ace against the Chinese Ace?

Ace vs Ace is an indoor Chinese reality show launched by Zhejiang Satelite TV. It is a comedy quiz where each episode focuses on a specific topic or concept. Moreover, two Ace teams were formed to perform various comedy plays. Ace’s teammate comes from different entertainment backgrounds, and many celebrity guests are welcomed. The show hosts six MCs.

Like any other competing show, Ace vs Ace is also a survival comedy variety show where the winner of the Ace team is determined by the game’s competitions. This is the magic of the show. After all, each episode reveals new concepts while generating laughter for viewers to enjoy the variety show!

Where to watch Ace vs Ace Season 7 Watch the episodes

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Where do you watch Ace vs Ace: Season 7 Episodes Online?

Even though the show has ended, many fans would like to know where to watch Episode 7 of Ace vs Ace online. After all, who could miss such a diverse legendary Chinese comedy show! Ace vs Ace: Season 7 will air on ZJTV. Therefore, local fans can visit ZJTV’s official website to watch Ace vs Ace: Season 7 episodes live.

In recent years, many Chinese dramas and TV shows have appeared on international streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Rakuten Viki, and many more. However, unfortunately, season 7 of Ace vs Ace is not available on any paid OTT media service yet. If the chinses variety show gets more exposure, there is a chance that Ace vs Ace will be available on the online streaming platform.

Although fans cannot watch it on OTT media services, there is no need to worry. Fortunately, Ace vs Ace: Season 7 is available on Zhejiang STV’s official YouTube channel. The YouTube channel has uploaded all the last episodes of Season 7 with English subtitles. However, keep in mind that English translations may be off or incorrect. Moreover, episodes of the previous six seasons are also available on the same channel. Besides, it’s free. So there is no need to purchase any subscription plan to watch Ace vs Ace: Season 7 episodes online!

Here, check out the trailer for Season 7 of Ace vs Ace-

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