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A 68-page booklet containing a chapter inspired by a movie and a reproduction of the first chapter of the original manga

Work crew Gekijōban Karakai Jōzu no Takagi-sanThe Teasing Master Takagi-san FranchiseThe upcoming anime movie, Thursday, revealed that the movie will receive four different rewards for moviegoers during the first four weeks of its showing. The first week’s bonus is a 68-page pamphlet containing exclusive manga content by the original manga maker Sōichirō Yamamoto.

The Volume Film handbook will include a “rewritten” version of the manga’s first chapter titled Eraser, and a new chapter titled Ashita Kara (starting tomorrow) inspired by a scene from the movie. The handbook also includes a Q&A section with Yamamoto, personal information about Yamamoto, production materials for the characters, comments from the cast, and a section looking at the TV series.

The film will open in Japan on June 10. In the film’s story, Takagi and Nishikata are in their last year of middle school, and they have anxiety and hope for the future. During the summer of last year, the day before the start of summer vacation, the two of them found a kitten that they named Hana. They decide to take care of the cat themselves so that they can find its mother. Inori Minas Hana and . play Haruka Tomatsu He plays a pet store employee named Ōta.

The main cast will return from the third season of the anime. Hiroaki Akagi He directs the film Animation Shin EWhile Hiroko Fukuda He is credited with authoring, as well as writing the screenplay along with the third season screenwriter Aki Itami And Kanechi Kato. Aya Takano Once again he designs the characters. Hiroaki Tsutsumi Returns from previous seasons to compose music. Yoko Ahara He will perform “Hajimari no Natsu” (Beginning of Summer).

The third season of the TV anime Karakai Jōzu no Takagi-san 3 (Teasing Master Takagi-san 3) for the first time in Mohammed bin Salman And TBSSuper Animeism block on January 7th. Sentai Filmworks He licensed the third season and the upcoming movie, and the third season is being broadcast on it cache. cache It also broadcasts in English dub For the third season, which features a returning crew from Funimationthe original dub From the first season of the anime.

The first TV anime adapted from the manga premiered under the “Anime no Me” programming block in January 2018, and was also adapted for Yamamoto. Ashita and Dwibe Manga as pieces inside the show. Crunchy Roll Stream the anime as it was broadcast in Japan, and Funimation Stream the series in English dub. The second TV anime season premiered in July 2019. The season began in Netflix In December 2019.

Funimation Describes the story:

Nishikata was tired of being mercilessly harassed by his classmate Takagi, and he vowed to take her back and harass the girl who made him blush countless times. After all, if you blush, you lose! But revenge is not easy when every attempt explodes in his face. Will Nishikata make Takagi blush, or will he get something more satisfying from his faltering attempts?

press yen The manga is published in English.

Karakai Jōzu no Takagi-san VR 1 & 2 Gakki (Teasing Master Takagi-san VR 1st and 2nd Semester), an extended version of the manga’s virtual reality (VR) anime, was released for Oculus Quest in December 2020. A new smartphone game for Franchise It was originally scheduled to release on March 25th, but it is now indefinitely delay.

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