Jake Lockley has been in the Disney Plus series since the beginning


Marvel Studioslatest series moon knight It came to an end and the ending had a lot to offer. Some big questions have been answered, new characters are revealed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and a villain has been defeated. One of the episode’s talking points was the reveal of Jake Lockley, an entirely new alter ego of hero Oscar Isaac. However, as many fans expected, he was a part of the series the whole time.

In Marvel Comics, Mark Spector suffers from dissociative identity disorder (DID) and his alter egos include Stephen Grant and Lockley. in Disney Plus moon knightThe studio initially filmed the story from Grant’s perspective and later took him on a trip where he swapped roles with Spector. But, fans were convinced that Lockley would appear right from the start, and constantly searched for clues in every episode. Executive Producer Grant Curtis has now confirmed that they were right all along.

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There have been many instances of Grant and Specter communicating with each other, and even sharing a body. However, some scenes in moon knight A third character is hinted at when none of the other main characters remember certain events. Curtis confirmed to Character Book that Lockley was present in the plot from the first episode. He revealed in an interview that “Jake’s appearance in Episode VI at the end wasn’t the first time Jake had appeared in our novel… He was on the show from episode one.”

Fans of the comics were already aware of Lockley, and at any point in the Disney Plus series when Spector and Grant didn’t take ownership of their actions, it was a clear hint toward the third character. Came the biggest example of that moon knight Episode 3 When Spector is seen fighting some thugs on the streets of Cairo. He loses control for a moment, and returns to find all his opponents brutally defeated. Grant asks if he is responsible, but the mild-mannered employee at the gift shop is innocent. It seems clear at this point that the third alter ego was in control of the body, and seemed to be even more powerful than Spector as well.

Since the first episode of moon knight For the first time, fans were referring to accidents that Lockley could have been responsible for. For example, in the first episode, the titular character Isaac asks a co-worker out on a date, and fans of the comics are convinced that sounds like something Lockley would do. Additionally, many believe Lockley was driving the cupcake truck in the chase sequence in Episode Two. Curtis, who has been following all the fan theories, believes that Marvel has “the best fans in the world”.

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source: ComicBook.com

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