Kane Lim Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is The Bling Empire Star?


Ken Lim net worth
The black sheep of his family: Ken Lim

How rich is Bling Empire star Ken Lim? Here’s what we know about Kane Lim’s net worth in 2022. Kane Lim is a TV personality, socialite, and founder of an investment company called Kix Capital. Moreover, with many followers on social media, he is currently on his way to becoming a famous social media influencer as well. And since he appeared on the reality TV show Bling Empire, his fan base has started to rise to another level. Besides, he belongs to a very rich family. His parents handle real estate, oil and shipping. It also calls itself the black sheep of the family.

Recently, the news about his family came as a shock to everyone. Fans seemed particularly surprised after hearing that decades ago, $3.5 of Kane’s family assets had been frozen due to some lawsuits. And he kept it a secret because if he did, everyone would judge him for leaving his hometown of Singapore. Since then, everyone has been curious to know Ken Lim net worth and wants to know how rich he is and what other assets he has. Well, when we look at Ken’s luxurious lifestyle, one thing is for sure that he is making a lot of money because he has been earning since he was a teenager. So, if you want to know how much he earns and the assets he owns, keep reading the article, you will know Ken Lim net worth. Moreover, we will reveal all his work and collaborations as well.

Ken Lim net worth in 2022

Ken Lim net worth is around $20 millionand earned his first million dollars when he was just 20 years old. This becomes possible for him only because of his hard work and the investments he has made so far. And as far as we know, it recently ranked No. 6 out of 8 among all Bling Empire cast members. Besides, he is a big fan of fancy shoes. And when it comes to his passion or luxury need, the only thing that comes to his mind is shoes. He has more than 300 pairs of high-quality luxury shoes. And all of his shoe collection, according to sources, is worth $300,000. Furthermore, he is also a big fan of wearing jewellery. He also owns and wears the most expensive jewelry in the world.

What is Ken Lee net worth?
Ken Lim net worth of Bling Empire has been revealed.

And the best part is that he also owns the most luxurious apartment. He lives in a luxury West Hollywood apartment in Mount Washington, Los Angeles, California. The apartment is 1,516 square feet, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living room that is valued at $1.9 million. Later he transformed his living room into a showroom for luxury sneakers. And this is just one property that Ken owns; Besides, he owns several other real estate in Los Angeles itself.

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Kane Lim Corporate Collaboration and Philanthropy

Unlike any other kid, Kane is not that kid who grew up being the son of a billionaire. Ken is a self-made person who owns several companies. Come on, let’s take a look at all his works. First of all, he is the founder and president of Kix Capital. He was also offered to be a real estate agent for the Oppenheim Group, but later, it was revealed that he chose to remain an independent contractor. Other than that, for the past two years, Lim has appeared on reality TV shows like Bling Empire.

Ken Lim
Ken Lim

Furthermore, he did some collaborations as well. In May 2022, Ken was appointed by Fenty Beauty as the first ambassador for Southeast Asia. At the time of shooting for Bling Empire, he also collaborated with cast member Kevin Kreider on Matcha Mantra. He is also involved in some charitable work as well. Earlier, he was involved in raising funds for the Singapore Red Cross, Uplift Family Services, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital of America. Moreover, he also gives some of his luxury items to charity. He also once attended a charity event organized by the Sian Chay Medical Foundation as well.

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