Ken Jeong is joining the second part of the after-party in the regular role series


Ken Jeong joined the second season of Apple TV Plusthe other sideAnd it will be in some strong company. Season 2 of the creative murder mystery already has a crew stacked up alongside several returning characters, and the inclusion of a talent like Jeong can only add to the anticipation.

Jeong is the latest of many to have resided in the other side Season 2. But while all of the new cast members were announced at once, it appears that it was considered important enough to get its own announcement. Due to the nature of the Apple TV Plus series, most of them likely won’t appear in any potential subsequent seasons after this one, so picking Jeong could be a hint or just a way to weed out viewers.

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Deadline Reports social communication The actor will join returning stars Tiffany Haddish, Sam Richardson and Zoe Chow as Detective Danner, Annick, and Zoe, respectively. But aside from returning faces, Jeong will find himself among other newcomers Elizabeth Perkins, Zach Woods, Paul Walter Hauser, Bobby Liu, Anna Kunkel, Jack Whitehall and Vivienne Wu. the new after party The second season’s characters and settings have already been revealed, as the new mystery is set to take place at a wedding. But there are still plenty of details left to reveal.

Currently, all that is known about Jeong’s character is his name: Feng. Due to his fondness for comedy, which is currently being shown through his presence on the Mike Myers Show pentagram On Netflix, it seems very likely that those talents will not be wasted. Showrunner Chris Miller, who will split duties with Anthony King for a second season, is generally strong at making the best of his co-stars alongside his frequent co-star Phil Lord. So there shouldn’t be any concern. This is the same duo that grew up LEGO Batman movie And Spider-Man inside the spider world, after all. This doesn’t even mention their last hit mitchell vs machines.

The first season of the other side Detective Haddish saw Danner trying to solve a murder that occurred during a high school reunion. The trick was that, under the framing of each party member’s interview, each episode was told from a different perspective and even a different genre. Richardson’s Aniq testified as if it were a romantic comedy while Ben Schwartz’s Yasper turned his time into a musical episode. The storytelling style captivated the viewers, but they persisted in the well-thought-out performance and mystery.

Season 2 should offer more of the same in this regard but with new twists thanks to new cast members and the setting. Hopefully new animation legends Lord and Miller will continue that fun always magic that permeates their projects because creative new shows like the other side Always worth highlighting.

the other side Season 1 is available to stream on Apple TV Plus.

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