Kuzan has a copy of the book The Final Road Poneglyph


Kozan, better known by his former nickname Aokiji, is a former admiral in the Navy. He was nominated by Sengoku for the position of fleet admiral, however, two years earlier, having lost the position in favor of Akainu, he resigned from the Marines.

He has currently joined the Blackbeard Pirates for unknown reasons.

So how did Kuzan get a copy of the book The Final Road Poneglyph??
It comes down to its location which is Marie Giois.

Let me first explain how it ended up in Marie Guise.

Take care of Jules D. Roger and his crew deeply knew the consequences of discovering the truth about world government and void history. In fact, Roger Pirates knew the truth better than the O’Hara people.

I can tell you everything about the world.

Silvers Riley, Roger’s right-hand man, the “King of Darkness,” publicly stated that he knew everything and was willing to explain everything.
So why were the people of O’Hara killed but Roger’s pirates alive?
Rayleigh is a legend but the rest are not as strong as him (Shanks and Scopper Gaban are exceptions) and won’t be able to hold off the Admiral.
Why didn’t they do the same with Roger Pirates?

Roger trades the Final Road Poneglyph to the World Government, and in return, his crew manage to live the rest of their lives undetected.
They are famous hackers so they still have active rewards but there are cases like

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of watching it

The Marines watch Riley and possibly the other Roger Pirates but they never act that way unless they intervene. Kizaru also just left after Kuma dealt with the Straw Hats because high-ranking officials like him know the deal and Garp made lower-ranking Marines avoid conflict due to the war with Whitebeard.

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